Birthday Girl Photo Thank You Note

Birthday Girl Photo Thank You Note

Birthday Girl Photo Thank You Note

This is another great way to do a personal thank you note! I’m just lovin’ the photo idea. It does take a little work after the party is over. Sometimes you are spent and don’t have the energy to pop something like this out after the party but if you plan ahead for it, it’s really pretty simple.

Pick out the best image of the birthday girl or boy for your note. Then pick any number of photo sites that allow you to customize the image and allow you to put text on the front. Upload and send off the image and within a week you should get your thank you cards back.

I’m pretty sure that this card was done on a MAC. If you don’t have a MAC, you could look into Shutterfly or a friend of mine does these with nice card stock. Her site is She will totally customize it to look exactly as you want it and then it comes out on a nice heavy card stock.

Bottom line, it’s always important to say thank you for coming to the party and for bringing a gift. My daughter is 7 and still remembers who gave her things over 2 years ago!

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  • My friend Jessica has done photo thank yous before, and I love getting a picture of the birthday boy after the party. At other kids’ parties, you often don’t think to take pictures yourself, so I love getting a photo to remember it in the mail. Tiny Prints also has some very cute photo cards, and I can design custom ones as well.

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