Bug Party Invitation Wording

Bug Party Invitation Wording

Bug Party Invitation Wording

A Bug Theme (or “Insects” as my daughter’s 1st grade class is now calling them) lends itself to some very creative parties and activities. We are actually using the “insect” or bug theme to make their school class auction item…..but I digress.

It’s fun to share different wording options for birthday party invitations. Sometimes it’s impossible to be creative with the wording. But whenever possible, I at least try and put in a couple of creative lines on the invitation. Following is just a suggestion but if you have others please share them with us!

Bug Party Invitation Wording is as follows:

“We’re bug-eyed and happy to say
It’s time to celebrate John’s 3rd Birthday
Picnic (without the bugs) at Crutch Park
Saturday, June 2 from 12 to 2 pm
Join us behind the swings.

Resources: For information on how to make this invitation, go to our post on the Lady Bug Party Pop Up Invitation.

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