Make Your own Spa Party Invitations

Spa Party Invitation

Finished Invitation

Whenever I have the time and the inspiration strikes me, I love to make home made invitations for parties. They can be time consuming but so rewarding! This one was no exception. I had mom’s tell me that they hung this on the fridge and it was just a pleasure to walk by and see it. That will make anyone excited about attending your party. Evites and emails are easy but are also easily forgotten.

Starting the Organza Surround

Supplies for 1st Step

For my daughter’s 12 birthday we decided to do it up big and we traveled to a hot springs bath and really exposed these girls to things that I didn’t have the opportunity to do until I was an adult! But they had a blast. And I had a blast making the invitations and planning it. They really were simple to make and with items that can be found at any craft supply store.

Gather & Glue

Gather & Glue

The very first thing you’ll want to do is to print the invitation on the back of the small size scrapbooking sheets. Insure that it’s centered and will fit within the mask template (found below) so that you don’t cut off any of the words. Take the below template and cut out your mask.

Cut (2) 2′ lengths of ribbon for the tie on the mask. Cut one end at a diagonal and the other straight across. On the straight across end, fold over a small amount and glue to the front of the invitation on each side far enough in that the organza will cover it. Secure with a clothespin so you don’t have to hold it forever.

Adding Eyelashes

Add your Eyelashes

Making the organza ready to apply to the mask is easier with a sewing machine. You can gather the organza by hand with a needle and thread. Simply run a line of thread down the center of the organza and gather it…..but it’s much easier to gather and makes a nicer final product if you use a gathering stitch on a sewing machine. On the invitation shown here, I ran the thread only 1″ on one side. I think the one I liked best, I ran the gathering thread 2″ in on one side. I used about 2 1/2 to 3 yards of organza per invitation. After you run the gathering thread, gather down the invitation until it is the fullness that you prefer. Better to make the first one long and have to cut some off than make it too short! Tie off only one end of your threads. This will allow you to fit the gathers to the mask at the end and cut off where you need it to.

It's all Done

Completed Spa Invitation

Apply a bead of glue for a few inches and place the gathers securing with some clothespins. Work your way all the way around and once you are at the end, now you can tie your thread and cut off any extra organza. Be sure to start in an inconspicuous spot. I chose one of the sides where the ribbon was.

After the organza is dry, add your eyelashes. I just placed them when they looked good. No need for additional glue, they are already sticky!

You now have your finished Spa Party Mask Invitation. Because my daughter was hand delivering them to school, we put them in nondescript manila envelopes so that she would not be announcing who was invited and who wasn’t. Because she is now in a bigger school and folks live all over the city, it’s harder to hand delivery them. Have fun with your mask and show me how they turn out!

Mask Template:

Spa Mask Invitation Template

Invitation Supplies

Invitation Supplies


Roll of Organza Ribbon – 5″ x 18′ – I used the Nicole Brand
Roll of Ribbon for Ties – I used Pure Color Expressions – Sugar Dots Ribbon 7/8″ wide
Scrapbooking paper
Fake Eyelashes – Any brand will work
Sewing Machine and Thread to match Organza

Spa Party Printed Invitation

Spa Party Invitation

Girls love a party and what more do they love besides a party than getting their nails done!!! This party was a line of girls all set up in this spa all getting their toes done at the same time. What fun!

They were all prepared for the event when this invitation came in the mail.

Manis, pedis, cake and more….
What else could a girl ask for??

Nothing else was needed to be said except for the details of the day and who to reply to.

There are so many cute cute invitations out there. Sometimes you can’t find them in your hometown. Online has become a great way to find these out of the box invitations. Don’t wait til the last minute though. If you want someone else to print them, it may take a little time. Depending on what type of party you are having, you’ll want to give two weeks notice to mom’s to plan around a party.

Spa Party Invitation Wording

Spa Party Invitation

Invitation Wording

When you are trying to crunch through the details for a birthday party, sometimes it’s tough to get just the right wording. For me it can come in the shower. Sometimes the words come when I’m pushed. And then other times, if I’ve got too much on my mind (like work) the creative words don’t come at all. That’s why I like to share whenever I see invitation wording that’d creative and fun.

For my daughter’s spa birthday party, we took all the girls out of town to a special hot springs. I had already cleared with all the moms the date and that we’d be going out of town so they already knew that it was coming up. We still wanted the invitation to have all the details.

It read:
It’s 2015 as we celebrate Anne’s 12th Birthday.
You will be pampered like you are on holiday!

A drive to Hot Springs to enjoy a Mineral Bath.
Then back to Knoxville along the same path.

A Quick stop downtown for a cleansing facial.
You will return looking & feeling glacial!

Saturday, Nov 14 9:00AM Drop off
Leaving from the Eddins’ Home
We will return the girls to your home around 3:30.
Bring a swimsuit and change of clothes. No need to look fancy!

Boys Night Out Invitation

Boys Night Out Invitation Closup

For my son’s boys night out invitation, I wanted to make something home made because I was spending so much on the favors…:) And it was only 2 boys who were getting invitations so it didn’t make any sense to have anything printed. Plus, I always love a new challenge in getting the creative juices flowing. And let me tell you…..this one was a challenge.

Boys Night Out Invitations

My initial vision was to have the invitation wording to swirl like a tornado shape but the closest that I could get with my non-computer graphics experience was to type it in circles. The T-shirt favor was my inspiration on color and circular design. In a word document, you can type anything you want and change the wording to a circle. Once I had two circles done, I drug one on top of the other for a layered effect. I went to YouTube to find a text in a circle tutorial and used one by Trevor Easton. You might check that one out. My 11 year old is learning how to do this in school right now and if she had known how to do this 6 months ago, she would have saved me tons of time!

The lettering around the outside were simple stencil letters and that part was much easier for me! Really, I always simply want to set the tone of the party and kids love to receive things in the mail. Because this one was so big, I hand delivered it but again, since there were only 2 it was pretty easy to do.

Halloween Party Glitter Invitation and Wording

Halloween Party Glitter Invitation

Halloween Party Glitter Invitation

In coming up with an idea for my daughter’s Halloween party invitation, I had a hard time choosing. I make up a bunch to see if I could do them and how long it would take. In the end, this is the invitation that I ended up with. It’s simple orange card stock that you can purchase at any stationary shop or online store. Adding the glitter image was my crafty side coming out. I’m the kind of crafter that gets bored with one thing. I can do the same type project a few times but then I want something new…..this makes my craft room a nightmare as I have all these tools that I don’t use that often. :( I had never glittered invitations before.

I’m sure that there is a correct way of doing this…..this is just the way I decided to do it. I printed the invitation on the card stock (I used a 5×8 Size) first….making sure that once I started adding the glitter than it wouldn’t cover up the words too much. I took the template which I’ve provided for you below and laminated it. If you don’t have access to a fancy laminating machine, don’e worry. I used shelf paper and I’m thinking that that may have worked better than if I had actually laminated it. You cut out the parts that you want to glitter… the border, the tree and the fence or tomb stones were all cut out.

Halloween Invitation Envelopes

Halloween Invitation Envelopes

Be sure and work over a baking tray or some sort of tray so that you don’t loose any of your glitter on the floor! And it makes for much easier cleanup. Take a paint brush with liquid glue on it and dab straight down onto the voids of the template onto the card stock invitation. Lift your template and sprinkle the glitter onto the glue insuring that it’s all covered up. I used the March Stewart fine glitter as I wanted it sparkly but didn’t want big flakes of glitter.

Let the invitation completely dry before trying to stack or insert into the envelope. I recommend 24 hours at least.

For the envelope, I purchased the opposite color than the invitation card stock and then purchased round labels that I could print the addresses on to. The kids will love the sparkly invitations. The parents will too…..until the glitter gets all over the house and then they may be cursing your name…:)

Halloween Scene Template

Medium Size Paint Brush
Liquid Glue
Card Stock and Envelopes
Heavy card stock for template
Shelf Paper

Card Stock, Envelopes & Labels –
Martha Stewart Glitter –

Spider Pop Up Card Birthday Party Invitation

Halloween Spider Pop Up Card Party Invitation

Halloween Spider Pop Up Card Party Invitation

Even if your child is fearful of arachne, there is a place for these ghoulish spider party invitations at his party. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love these pop up cards. They are so fun and different. They do take some time to make so you have to plan ahead. For the spiders, I found some great spider web paper that I used for the main part of the card making it look like the spiker was actually in it’s web. And instead of the trouble of printing the invite on the card, I printed it off on a contrasting orange and cut out and glued to the card. Loved how this one turned out.

Halloween Party Invitation Wording

Halloween Party Invitation Wording

Robert Sabuda has several great designs for you to select from and he provides the templates for free! The wording for this invitation could go like this:

Join Joe for his Birthday Party if you DARE,
Ghost, Spiders and Goblins will be there.

The Underground home of the Williams’
RSVP Info.

Make one for yourself. You’ll get addicted!

Resources: – Template

Supplies: Craft Paper
Glue Stick

Pop Up Witch Party Invitation

Witch Pop Up Invitation
This is one invitation I tried in my quest for the perfect Halloween Party invitation.  This is a pop up witch.  When the invitation is closed she goes down into her cauldron.  So cute.  I just love all the pop up cards that are free from Robert Sabuda.  He constructs books out of pop up materials and on his website, he has shared some pop up card templates for free that range from easy to hard.  This one is a little tricky but I can’r remember what level of hardness it is.  That will, of course, vary on your skills as well!  You must follow his directions closely step by step.  Once I made a sample out of scrap paper and saw how much space I had for the invitation wording and where it should be printed, I created the wording in a word doc and adjusted the size of my paper to the size of the card.  Then, I printed off the invitation onto the background part of the card.  And finally cut out and glued on the witch.

Witch Halloween Party Wording

The wording I would have used on this invitation is such:
With a hoot and a giggle
And a trick or treat
Expect a good time
And something to eat.

RSVP, yada yada yada. Don’t forget your RSVP info, date, time and location of the party. We just received something from the kids’ school promoting a “fun run” and it doesn’t have the date on it anywhere!!! Rule #1. Include the boring specifics prominently. Soooooo important.  Have fun with your pop up card if you decide to try it.  Would be fun just to try it even if you don’t decide to use it…..kind of like I did with this one.

Resources: (for the Witch and other Halloween card templates)

Supplies:  Craft Paper
Glue Stick
Envelopes (I simply went online to find the color and size plain envelope and bought them in a pack.)

Halloween Birthday Party Photo Invitation

Halloween Photo Birthday Party Invitation

Halloween Photo Birthday Party Invitation

With the ability to take great photos and all the editing software out there, you can whip up your own creative invitation like this one. Is he not cute as a button? It’s still DIY….just not a crafty if you don’t lean in that direction.

Don’t want to do it yourself? NO PROBLEM! There are tons of companies out there who will do it for you. And the money you pay, in my opinion, is well worth the time it would take me to figure out how to edit and print them off. Make them photo quality and they are a little less expensive or spend just a little more for paper quality.

Really the sky is the limit on the creativity that you can use when putting together photo invitations. This little guy’s birthday was actually in October making Halloween a perfect theme for him. Although I would image as he gets older, that will get old. But maybe not. Anyway, you could even just take a snap shot and put a sticker on the back with the party details. We’ve shown doing this for thank you notes but why not invitations. The point is to think outside the box!

The wording on this one is the following: Join us for some birthday fun. Our little pumpkin is turning One! How cut is that!

Pirate Popup Ship Birthday Party Invitation

Pirate Popup Birthday Party Invitation

Pirate Popup Birthday Party Invitation

I LOVED these popup ship birthday invitations that I created for my son’s Pirate themed birthday party.  I will say over and over the an invitation sets the mood for a party.  So, don’t skimp!!!  He was turning 5 and was in preschool at the time.  We invited everyone from preschool so it was very easy to put the invitation in their boxes.  If you were mailing these, I might put extra reinforcements in the envelope to insure they didn’t get messed up before the kids saw them.

Pirate Invitation Sailing Ships

I’m not going to lie to you, this too some time to make!  And I didn’t make up the template.  I found a wonderful artist who shares some basic pop up invitation templates and this is one of them.  His web address is below.  I made the card part blue like water and the ships black.  Under the white sails you see here is a black sail that is part of the template.  I drew off the 3 sails and then oriented my printer to print off the invitation on them.  You can see the wording I used on the post just below if you are in the Pirate Party section.

Pirate Party Folding Invitation

After you print off the wording, just glue onto the sails.  I also found these skull and crossbone stickers online that I added to the front of the ship so it wouldn’t look so plain.

The kids loved them!  That is what is fun about it.  Is the look in their eyes when they are opening and closing the card.  Because I don’t know if you were like me but if we had nice pop up books, the kids weren’t allowed to put their hands on them because they would tear up.  Well there is no worries here.  Let them play with the invitations until they do tear up.  What’s the fun of putting something like this on a shelf!

Resources:  Template – www.robert

Pirate Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Pirate Birthday Invitation Wording

Pirate Birthday Invitation Wording

When you are creating a party invitation no matter if it’s for a birthday party or just for a dinner party, wording can be very important.  It not only gives details for the party itself but it can peak your interest and make you excited to attend the party.  I know it has become acceptable to use evites and such to invite folks to parties……but thing about yourself and your own reactions.  Are you more excited about a party that you received an evite for?  Or are you more excited or are your kids more excited for a paper invitation that came in the mail.  I implore you to continue to send personal invitations through the mail.  And if you are reading things I’m probably preaching to the choir!

For my son’s pirate birthday party, I created these pop up pirate ships which I talk about in another post.  Below I’ve outlined for you what I included as the invitation wording.   Since I wanted to be more creative with the invitation, I didn’t get whole lot of details on the sail.   This is the party where we attended the How I Became A Pirate show and so there were several drop off and pickup details that I had to include in an insert for the parents.  Don’t feel bad about doing that.  And really, that is a great way to put the details because often the invitations get whisked away before the parents get a good look at them.  But the kids don’t care much about a plain piece of paper with a bunch of words on them.

For our invitation the wording went like this:

First Sail:
Saturday, April 2
2:30 -4:30

Second Sail:
Set your Sails for a
Land Far Away.
Where only Pirates
Live and Play.
Come and Seek your Loot
Aboard Brad’s Birthday Sloop!

Third Sail:
The docks at “Your House”

Stamping your Birthday Invite

USPS Celebrate Stamp

Standard USPS Celebrate Stamp

Looking down to the finest detail of mailing your birthday party invitations and thank you notes with the perfect stamp shows that you have planned your party down to the finest detail. I always say that the invitation sets the tone for a birthday party. Adding a stamp that follows the theme always looks nice.

My kids jump up and down anytime there is ANYTHING in the mail that is addressed to or for them. Face it, if it’s not a bill or junk mail I love to get mail too. Make it as special as you can!

Celebrate Stamp

Celebrate Stamp perfect for any Birthday theme.

The US postal service is starting to catch on. I just received an email where they actually advertised this page as stamps to use on birthday party invitations on eBay. As I’m about to plan my daughter’s birthday party in a few months, I was intrigued. There isn’t anything that is perfect for the theme we’ve chosen but I can see how several of them would still work.

By using a postage stamp that screams a special ocassion, you are making a first impression.  Using ones that are already designed by the postal service is the most economic way to go.  We’ve made our own stamps which I’ll share with you another day but these Celebrate Stamps work with all parties!

Pirate Party Invitation Details

Pirate Party Invitation Details

It’s all in the details.  For this Pirate Party, I made pop up ships that you can see in another post.  But I didn’t want to stop there.  Because I wasn’t getting pre-made cards, I didn’t have envelopes.  There are tons of folks on the web who sell envelops the size, shape and color you want.  And you don’t have to purchase a ton.  For the life of me I can’t find the site that I purchased mine from, but it really doesn’t matter.

Pirate Party Return Address Labels

The return address labels were fun.  I had gotten in the mail an opportunity to make these for free from  What timing?  It was for one sheet only and I took advantage of it and the costs for this were minimal.  Whatever shipping was which was like $3.  The black labels didn’t show up very well on the black envelope, so I found these great round brown stickers at that I placed under them to made them pop.  Because my son was in preschool and we were inviting the whole class, I was able to just address them to the kids first names and slipped the invites in to their boxes at school.  I selected this ornate gothic font to go with the theme.  Again, details.

Jolly Roger Stickers

On the back of the invitations, I placed a jolly rogers flag. There is a great site, where I was able to find some creative stickers for this. The kids notice every little detail so don’t miss things you might take for granted yourself.

Pirate Party Printed Invitation & Wording

Pirate Party Printed Invitation & Wording

Pirate Party Printed Invitation & Wording

Getting the wording just right for your child’s birthday party invitation can be daunting.  It certainly makes the invitation more personal if you can come up with at least one line of creative writing.  No need to make it up yourself!  Use ours.  I doubt any of the children coming to your party came to this one!

Wording goes like this:

Shiver Me Timbers
Captain Carson is Turning 7!

Join us for cupcakes and Gorg
As we celebrate his big day!
Sunday, October 24th 2:00 -3:30 pm

Captain Henry’s Pirate Store
At Lloyd Center
(Located on the 2nd floor next to Eddie Bauer,
and near the ice skating rink.)

RSVP Ye Landlubbers to 503-222-5555

Invitation from Paper So Pretty out of Dallas TX.

What was also fun was when the invitation had a pirate sticker covering up the fold of the envelope.  So, you knew when it came in the mail something great was inside.  How often do we get exciting things in the mail these days?  And can you imagine what a kid feels like when they get mail?  Start the excitement with the envelope!

Teddy Bear Birthday Party Invitation & Wording

Bear Pop Up Birthday Party Invitation

Bear Pop Up Birthday Party Invitation

Anywhere from a first birthday for as long as kids love stuffed animals, you can have a teddy bear themed birthday party. My daughter recently attended a birthday party at Build a Bear and she is in the 1st grade. We were even at the mall this weekend and there was a girl walking out with a Build a Bear box and she had to have been in like 5th or 6th grade. So, it’s just up to your child and their interests as to what age you can have a party like this.

Bear Pop Up Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Teddy Bear Pop Up Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Anyway, let’s talk invitations!!! This is another really cute popup I found that can be generic or for the Build A Bear Birthday Parties! So simple to make in comparison to some of the other popups. You could do a bunch in no time. This is even one that your daughter or son could help you cut out. Below is a link to the website where you can find the templates for the pop up cards.

Suggested wording as follows (just print it out on your computer before attaching the bear):

(On the left hand side)
He’s squishy and loyal
We love him so!
Who? Jonathan?
No, His Build a Bear!
Join us to celebrate Jonathan’s Birthday.

(On right side)
Meet us at Build A Bear

Resources: Paper – Scrapbooking weight paper found in any scrapbooking store. Templates found on

Have fun with these! I’m loving the pop up birthday card invitations!

1st Birthday Party Popup Invitation & Wording

Noah's Ark First Birthday Party Invitation

Noah's Ark First Birthday Party Invitation

I found by accident this guy who creates pop up books. What an art!!! Anyway, by luck, he also had some fabulous pop up card templates on his site. I have the web address below. Anyway, in looking through them, I was able to use several by just adding color and some personal touches.

This particular popup card could be used for a First Birthday Party Invitation or even a Baby Shower invitation. So easy to make. It took a little time to cut out the animal shapes so I don’t know that I would want to make 30 or more but they are soooo worth it. I don’t mind spending a little extra time on the invitations. When I’m watching T.V. with my husband, I just sit and cut.

Noah's Ark Popup Party Invitation

Noah's Ark Popup Party Invitation

First Birthday Party Invitation Wording

First Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Wording as follows:

Two by Two
They’ll say to you….
Happy Birthday John!

(under ark)

Join us for John’s 1st Birthday Party

Resources: Get the template for this and other Pop up Cards at

4 Year Old Birthday Party Invitation Wording

4th Birthday Party Invitation Wording

4th Birthday Party Invitation Wording

If you have a party without a specific theme, a good way to set the stage for the party is with a fun loving photo of the birthday boy or birthday girl. This child was turning 4 and the party was at an inflatables party place.

All the photo copying sites are offering these great photo quality invitations that are very cost effective. And my kids love to carry around photos of their friends so it was like having a new toy!!!

Use these words or expand on them. Wording as such:

Cake, ice cream, and more….
It’s my birthday and I’m turning 4!

Join us at Pump It Up!

Being creative with your invitations and the wording of it doesn’t mean that you have to make them yourself. Just that you are thinking outside the box.

Ladybug Birthday Party Popup Invitation

Ladybug Birthday Party Invitation

Ladybug Birthday Party Invitation

I decided that I wanted to make a pop up card for one of my kid’s birthday party invitations. Maybe I was a gluten for punishment….not sure. Anyway, I thought I would have to create them all from scratch so I set out to learn how to do pop ups. Ugh. This is a real art.

Then shazam, I found this website from a man who produces pop up books. AND…..he has some free templates on his site that allow you to print out and make your own cards. The selection is not vast but you can find some cute ones. The ladybug being one of them!!

I simply printed out the template on colored paper and then embellished it with dots. For you purists out there, I know that the dots are not perfectly symmetrical like they are suppose to be. But whenever my daughter draws ladybugs, she never makes the dots right. So, I went on her lead and did them random as well.

I have done several of the pop up cards on this site and you will be able to see them under the invitations section of our blog.

Have fund creating your own ladybug party invitation for your bug or ladybug inspired birthday party!

Resources: Template available on, I used light weight scrap booking paper but not too lightweight. If it’s like construction paper it won’t hold enough shape!

Bug Party Invitation Wording

Bug Party Invitation Wording

Bug Party Invitation Wording

A Bug Theme (or “Insects” as my daughter’s 1st grade class is now calling them) lends itself to some very creative parties and activities. We are actually using the “insect” or bug theme to make their school class auction item…..but I digress.

It’s fun to share different wording options for birthday party invitations. Sometimes it’s impossible to be creative with the wording. But whenever possible, I at least try and put in a couple of creative lines on the invitation. Following is just a suggestion but if you have others please share them with us!

Bug Party Invitation Wording is as follows:

“We’re bug-eyed and happy to say
It’s time to celebrate John’s 3rd Birthday
Picnic (without the bugs) at Crutch Park
Saturday, June 2 from 12 to 2 pm
Join us behind the swings.

Resources: For information on how to make this invitation, go to our post on the Lady Bug Party Pop Up Invitation.

Magic Show Birthday Party Invitation & Wording

Magic Show Birthday Party Invitation

Magic Show Birthday Party Invitation

Nothing like a magic show theme for a kids birthday party. There is that special age where they still buy into everything and the tricks are really magical for the kids. I love watching their faces. Once they get to like 2nd to 4th grade, the kids get too skeptical and you have to have a really good magician to fool them.

This was the invitation for a party we went to and the kids loved the party. The tone was set when the invitation arrived. It was address to the kids and it was to both kids so we know right away who is invited. Then a kid appropriate stamp was chosen which is another little detail that enhances the party planning process!

The Magic Show Birthday Party Invitation wording went as such:

Magic Show
Birthday Party

Abracadabra William is turning 5!
Join us for cake, fun and a furry surprise!

RSVP and Date

This is such a fun theme even if you don’t like this invitation there are so many out there to chose from. This one was ordered from Tiny Prints.

Halloween Party Invitations

Halloween Party Invitation

Halloween Party Invitation

These invitations we used for a kid Halloween Party but could easily be used for adult ones as well. We were encouraging the kids and moms to dress up and have a fun time. And they did!

The wording was as follows:
“The night is dark and the goblins are out
the witches and black cats are prowling about
Costumed creatures the strangest I’ve seen
are knocking on doors….
cause it’s Halloween!”
“Anne and Olivia will be ghoulishly dressed
so moms and kids come in your Halloween best”
RSVP info

Then at the party we had a prize for the best adult and kid costume. Take care when picking your invitation because no matter if it’s a sure to be fun party like a Halloween party or not, the invitation sets the tone and expectations for the party!

Resources: The invitations were found at Paper Rabbit Designs.