Truck Birthday Party Thank You Notes

Truck Party Thank You Notes

Truck Party Thank You Notes

For my son’s truck and car birthday party, I wanted to carry the theme though to the end. I think by that point, my creativity had run it’s course. I don’t know that I can say it enough. It’s so important for kids to write thank you notes. No matter what their age, they need to learn etiquette and the proper way to say thank you. In a time where they text and their friends get the message in a split second, slowing things down and getting something in the mail is a good thing! And I don’t know about your kids, but mine LOVE to get things in the mail.

The creative part to my endeavor was to help select the clip art for the cards. I know that a lot of you are savvy with your computers, but it just takes me too long to figure it all out sometimes. And for this one, I had my friend who owns Paper Rabbit Designs to create the thank you notes for me.

I’ve talked about in other posts what level of involvement your kids should have in the thank you not process based on age…..really it’s ability. I believe on these, I just had my son write his name and I wrote the rest. Don’t make this too difficult on you or them. Fighting them to write or say more than they are willing/able just makes the letter writing not fun. On a side note. I took this theory with my husband when writing our thank you notes for our wedding. I made him at least write the notes to his family and close friends. I remember we received some steak knives from a friend of his and he thanked them for the knives that we would be able to practice our knife throwing skills with. Whatever! They loved it and they knew that we received the present and all was good.

Have fun with thank you note writing! It doesn’t have to be a chore.

Truck Birthday Party Invitation Envelopes

Truck Party Envelope Embellishment

Truck Party Envelope Embellishment

Embellishing anything these days shows that you’ve taken the time to care. In my opinion there are so many cute things that can be purchased at the store that you don’t have to have a creative gene to pull off a great party. It’s the extra time taken to make something cute even more special that really stands out these days.

For my son’s truck birthday party, I found a truck shaped hole punch. I put one on the invitation envelope flap and one on the body of it. With a tiny hole punch and a brad, I connected the two and instead of gluing the flap down, I wound some colored floss around the two trucks.

You could also punch a bunch and have them lose inside the envelope. I’m a fan of doing that but my husband isn’t so much. Whatever you put inside an envelope like that generally ends up on the floor. It’s kind of funny that he is the one who doesn’t like that since he isn’t the one who cleans it up. But his biggest nemesis is glitter. It’s great to add glitter to an invitation or thank you note but don’t put it loose in the envelope. That is totally a disaster waiting to happen. And you can’t get rid of all the glitter in your house for a year and that is with regular cleaning!!! Figures yes. Glitter NO. Have fun.

Halloween Birthday Party Thank You Notes

Halloween Birthday Party Thank You Notes

Halloween Birthday Party Thank You Notes

Handwritten thank you notes are more important now than ever before. I remember XXX years ago when I would get a thank you note, handwritten, in the mail ALL the time. For volunteer activities, for gifts given or just someone thanking me for taking the time to do something special for them. Because of email folks have gotten lazy. And frankly our lives may be even busier. Regardless, I feel that it’s important that we teach our children the art of thanking people properly for gifts and special gestures.

To encourage my daughter to be excited about writing her thank you notes for her Halloween Themed birthday, I had a friend who creates stationery come up with these cards. Now, depending on the abilities and age of your child, they may or may not do the whole thing. You child may only be able to sign their name. Or they can write the note but you need to address the envelopes. Or maybe they can fill in the blank what they received. Whatever your child can do, I encourage you to have them do it. I know that after the planning and implementing of a party, we tend to be exhausted.  Don’t forget to “tie the bow” on the package.

Resources: Cards by Barbra at Paper Rabbit Designs

Stamping your Birthday Invite

USPS Celebrate Stamp

Standard USPS Celebrate Stamp

Looking down to the finest detail of mailing your birthday party invitations and thank you notes with the perfect stamp shows that you have planned your party down to the finest detail. I always say that the invitation sets the tone for a birthday party. Adding a stamp that follows the theme always looks nice.

My kids jump up and down anytime there is ANYTHING in the mail that is addressed to or for them. Face it, if it’s not a bill or junk mail I love to get mail too. Make it as special as you can!

Celebrate Stamp

Celebrate Stamp perfect for any Birthday theme.

The US postal service is starting to catch on. I just received an email where they actually advertised this page as stamps to use on birthday party invitations on eBay. As I’m about to plan my daughter’s birthday party in a few months, I was intrigued. There isn’t anything that is perfect for the theme we’ve chosen but I can see how several of them would still work.

By using a postage stamp that screams a special ocassion, you are making a first impression.  Using ones that are already designed by the postal service is the most economic way to go.  We’ve made our own stamps which I’ll share with you another day but these Celebrate Stamps work with all parties!

Pirate Birthday Party Thank You Notes

Pirate Birthday Thank You NotesThese thank you notes to my son’s 5th Pirate Themed Birthday Party were as simple as a photo graph.  The photo was taken during the party.  I simply went through all the group photos and picked the one I like.  This one was during the treasure hunt through downtown Portland, OR.

After selecting the photo you like, print off enough for thank you notes and you are done.  Now, if you don’t have a group photo that you like, select different ones for each kid.  No one sees them but the recipient anyway and they are the ones that are most important.

I just wrote on the back of these like a post card.  You can find postcard backing stickers if you wish.  Or at Office Depot you can get stickers that are the size of the photo if you don’t want to write on the slick photo paper.  AND if you don’t want to send these through the mail as a post card, you can slip them into an envelope.  But, I think it’s fun for the kids to see it in the mail and not have to open it.  It’s amazing how your kid will be drawn to the photo right off the bat.

Because my son was 5, I still wrote the thank you notes for him.  One day he will be old enough to do it himself but not yet!!!

Partly Preprinted Thank You Notes

Partly Pre Printed Thank You Note

Partly Pre Printed Thank You Note

These preprinted thank you notes were just perfect for this Kindergartener! Or any child who can write a little but writing out all the thank you notes would be just too awful….for you and your child. Ha! This just allows your child to feel like they are a part without being too overwhelming.

This card has the child’s name and a cute little image on the front and then this message reads as follows:


Thank you so much for the
That is just what I wished for.

I’d love to give the printer credit for the card but they didn’t put their information on the back!!! And knowing this family as I do, I know that they didn’t print them out themselves. I would imagine any of the small custom card printers out there would be more than willing to print the inside of the card like this for you!

Thank You Note fit for a Kindergartener

Typed Thank You Note w/ Photo

Typed Thank You Note w/ Photo

It’s so hard to decide to hand over the thank you note writing to your child! I personally like to send a flowery note with a meaningful thank you. No one ever does this anymore and people really appreciate them! I can’t tell you how many verbal thank yous I get for written thank you notes that I send.

But put this aside. We are now talking about your child. We went to a party for a kindergartener and I felt that this note was the perfect one. There was enough involvement from the child that they understood the process yet it didn’t cause the mom to pull her hair out in the process of getting them written.

The card was one that can be bought or made by anyone. Then the on the inside there was a color photo on one side of the card. On the other was a typed thank you note that the mom totally did. But there were spots left free for the names. Perfect. You could tell that even the birthday girl cut out and pasted everything inside the card. And you know… much of a perfectionist as I am…..I’m O.K. with this. A personal touch doesn’t have to be a perfect one. And having the message glued on crooked is totally a personal touch.

Be creative in how you involve your child. The important thing is that at some age around kindergarten or first grade, they should become involved in thanking folks for their gifts.

Birthday Girl Photo Thank You Note

Birthday Girl Photo Thank You Note

Birthday Girl Photo Thank You Note

This is another great way to do a personal thank you note! I’m just lovin’ the photo idea. It does take a little work after the party is over. Sometimes you are spent and don’t have the energy to pop something like this out after the party but if you plan ahead for it, it’s really pretty simple.

Pick out the best image of the birthday girl or boy for your note. Then pick any number of photo sites that allow you to customize the image and allow you to put text on the front. Upload and send off the image and within a week you should get your thank you cards back.

I’m pretty sure that this card was done on a MAC. If you don’t have a MAC, you could look into Shutterfly or a friend of mine does these with nice card stock. Her site is She will totally customize it to look exactly as you want it and then it comes out on a nice heavy card stock.

Bottom line, it’s always important to say thank you for coming to the party and for bringing a gift. My daughter is 7 and still remembers who gave her things over 2 years ago!

Personal Party Photo Thank You Note

Party Photo Thank you Note

Party Photo Thank you Note

This might be one of my favorite thank you notes that we’ve ever gotten! This was an outdoor vintage theme party and it was held in downtown on a boardwalk. Because it was in the middle of summer, the hostess put out a water sprinkler and the kids went wild.

The thank you note was a photo taken from the party. Not only did it have both my kids in it but it had the party girl in it as well! The personal note was written on the back. Now, what is so interesting about this is that the card was an actual photo. Then the backing looked like a postcard backing that was a sticker that was just applied to the photo.

Party Photo Thank you Note Back

Party Photo Thank you Note Back

This particular postcard backing was from They are made in the US. They are acid free so the image will keep forever! I haven’t done this yet, but I feel it coming in the near future!

Princess Birthday Party Thank You Cards

Princess Design Thank You Cards

Princess Design Thank You Cards

Princess Parties are super popular. If you want to get away from the Disney Princess items that are all over the place, take a look at these Princess crown items.

These note cards were used for thank you notes for a Princess Birthday Party. Even if your little loved one, it is very important to write a note thanking guests for gifts especially if you did not open the gifts in front of your guests.

We have also featured a Princess Invitation that coordinates with this Thank You Note.

Resources: Thank you Notes can be found from Paper Rabbit Designs.

Piggie Birthday Party Thank You Note

Piggie Party Thank You Note

Piggie Party Thank You Note

There is nothing that caps off a party like using a theme appropriate thank you note. Here our pig doesn’t match the invitation exactly. I can’t say that I like for everything to be so matchy matchy.

Of course for several years, the kids don’t even know what a thank you not is but your guests or their moms do! These are crucial if you receive gifts in the mail from relatives and for presents that you don’t open in front of the giver.

I’m told that it is now not necessary to write a thank you note to someone who sees you open a gift and you thank right there. But, with my Southern upbringing, I just can’t do that. I have to always write thank you notes and my kids will learn to do so as well.

Resources: Piggy Thank You Note came from Paper Rabbit Designs.