Snacks during a Build A Bear Party

Snacks during a Build A Bear Party

Snacks during a Build A Bear Party

So, as you all know the Build A Bear stores are all in the malls. That is a good and a bad thing but when our kids want a certain type of party we make do with what we have…..right?

This party ended with the kids having a snack outside the Build A Bear store in the middle of the mall walkway! They so don’t care. And if it’s a mall that has tables around, you can just move a few in front of the store. Now depending on your mall, you MIGHT have to talk with them and let them know what you are doing. But I don’t think it would be a problem. People are eating out in the mall hallways all the time.

There are several positive aspects about this. You have control over the food and cake. Often when you go to certain party places, they require that you use their food and cake. Not the case here! And it’s indoors. So, no matter what time of year it will be warm and dry. Always a plus. I had a party for my son last year that was FREEZING in May and it was outside. Disaster.

Anyway, even though you are thinking of having a party at a particular store in a mall, don’t let that box you in. No matter if it’s Build A Bear or some other store, think outside the store and use your surroundings.

Build A Bear Cake

Build a Bear Cake

Build a Bear Cake

If you are having a bear themed party or even a formal Build A Bear Party, go out on a limb and make a cake that looks like your child’s favorite bear!!! Honestly it’s not that hard. Just a little time and tlc. As you can see, this cake looks just like the birthday girls favorite Build A Bear.

The mom took the bear and as you can see next put it right next to her work as she was making it. Don’t forget when you are cutting out and preparing your own custom cake that you do it on the serving platter or plate.

Bear Cake Process

Bear Cake Process

One thing you may or may not be able to tell is that the bear has a double layer of cake on the nose to make it higher.

Honestly, these are my favorite kind of cakes. You can certainly pay several hundred dollars for a beautifully decorated cake and if you don’t have the time or don’t want to fool with making the cake yourself then I’m not downing the idea at all! I just like to stay up ’til midnight the day before my kids parties to make and decorate home made custom cakes…..ha! Seriously, it does take some time. But the kids love it no matter what it looks like and they do see the time you are putting in to THEIR Birthday cake.

Resources: This cake was made by a friend, Kerry Scroggins, and was willing to allow me to share her masterpiece.

Teddy Bear Birthday Party Invitation & Wording

Bear Pop Up Birthday Party Invitation

Bear Pop Up Birthday Party Invitation

Anywhere from a first birthday for as long as kids love stuffed animals, you can have a teddy bear themed birthday party. My daughter recently attended a birthday party at Build a Bear and she is in the 1st grade. We were even at the mall this weekend and there was a girl walking out with a Build a Bear box and she had to have been in like 5th or 6th grade. So, it’s just up to your child and their interests as to what age you can have a party like this.

Bear Pop Up Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Teddy Bear Pop Up Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Anyway, let’s talk invitations!!! This is another really cute popup I found that can be generic or for the Build A Bear Birthday Parties! So simple to make in comparison to some of the other popups. You could do a bunch in no time. This is even one that your daughter or son could help you cut out. Below is a link to the website where you can find the templates for the pop up cards.

Suggested wording as follows (just print it out on your computer before attaching the bear):

(On the left hand side)
He’s squishy and loyal
We love him so!
Who? Jonathan?
No, His Build a Bear!
Join us to celebrate Jonathan’s Birthday.

(On right side)
Meet us at Build A Bear

Resources: Paper – Scrapbooking weight paper found in any scrapbooking store. Templates found on

Have fun with these! I’m loving the pop up birthday card invitations!