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1st Birthday Party Popup Invitation & Wording

Noah's Ark First Birthday Party Invitation

Noah's Ark First Birthday Party Invitation

I found by accident this guy who creates pop up books. What an art!!! Anyway, by luck, he also had some fabulous pop up card templates on his site. I have the web address below. Anyway, in looking through them, I was able to use several by just adding color and some personal touches.

This particular popup card could be used for a First Birthday Party Invitation or even a Baby Shower invitation. So easy to make. It took a little time to cut out the animal shapes so I don’t know that I would want to make 30 or more but they are soooo worth it. I don’t mind spending a little extra time on the invitations. When I’m watching T.V. with my husband, I just sit and cut.

Noah's Ark Popup Party Invitation

Noah's Ark Popup Party Invitation

First Birthday Party Invitation Wording

First Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Wording as follows:

Two by Two
They’ll say to you….
Happy Birthday John!

(under ark)

Join us for John’s 1st Birthday Party

Resources: Get the template for this and other Pop up Cards at

Make Your Own Pig Birthday Party Invitation and Wording

Pig Birthday Party Invitation & Wording

Pig Birthday Party Invitation & Wording

This was so much fun to make and create! This invitation was for my son’s first birthday party. I totally wasn’t going to have a party until the last minute and a week or so before the party, I started humping it!

I created the invitation and realized the only envelope it would fit in was a office supply store type envelope and that just wouldn’t do! So, I made the envelopes. I created the envelope first because you are limited on what size of paper you can get. Once I saw how big the interior of the envelope was, then I knew what dimensions I could make the pig. I still had to turn the piggie invitation sideways to get it in the envelope properly.

The envelope for the pig party invitation is just a chocolate brown. Now the invitations did take a bit of time to make. The tail in particular was a bear to cut out. I only needed to make like 6 of these so it was worth the time! The pig body is out of a pink polka dot paper. Ear interior nose and tail of the pig is out of a solid pink paper. The pig’s eyes, nostrils and hooves are out of the same chocolate paper as the envelope. I cut everything out freehand and then punched the eyes out with a hole punch. Just easier and looks better.

The tag line on the pig party invitation wording went like this…..”Join us for an Oinkin’ great Playdate. To Celebrate our Little Pig’s First Birthday!” Make sure you use a brown ink pen. Have fun with your own pig birthday party invitation.

Resources: Scrapbooking paper can be found at almost any craft store these days. To make a pig like this one, use our Pig Invitation Template to make it easier!

Photo taken by Amy Hall Photography, Portland, OR.