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Decorating Flower Cupcakes

Flower Cupcakes

Flower Cupcakes

If you are planning a flower Themed Birthday Party or an Outdoor Birthday Party, having these flower decorated cupcakes will be perfect!

We attended a party where the hostess had made these herself. If you could have seen the kids faces, wow. I don’t know if it was the super cute decorations or the fact that each child not only was getting a cupcake to eat but also a sucker. Ha!

To make the flower cupcakes, they were iced with regular white icing. Use any flavor of cupcake….whatever your child prefers. Take the cupcake and dip in yellow sprinkles. Besides the one shown above, there were also ones with orange and green “grass” or base coat. Or sprinkles. Simply stick a sucker the color of your choice and then add some green taffy as the leaf.

I think I overheard the hostess say that she had seen this done before, not sure where. I just thought these Flower Cupcakes were super cute and a big hit with the kids!!!

Flower Coloring Pages

A great way to start a birthday party is by providing an activity to start the party. This gets the kids comfortable doing something they LOVE to do and keeps them busy while other guests arrive. We have two coloring pages that have flowers on them for you to print off and make copies for your guests to color.

If these don’t strike your fancy, there is tons of free flower clip art online that you can look for to print off for the kids to color.

To See Templates:
Click below link through 2 screens.

Flower Clip Art 1

Flower Clip Art 2

Flower Birthday Party Hat Idea

Floral Party Hat

Floral Party Hat

For a more sophisticated party hat, you can use a beautiful wrapping paper and our plain hat template to make your own.

There are so many beautiful wrapping papers now, that you can transform any of them into a party hat. If you are using a good quality heavy paper, you can use it all on it’s own. If the paper is more flimsy, you will need to make the hat out of a heavier solid color scrap booking paper and then cover it with your themed paper before assembling the hat.

Go crazy. For the flower birthday party, use any kind of floral paper you can find. Or even make it out of a solid paper and put dried flowers on them. Dried pansies would be beautiful! Just have fun making your own party hats.

Resources and How To: See our Simple Birthday Party Hat Directions and Template.

Flower Party Birthday Hat

Flower Party Hat

Flower Party Hat

For my daughter’s 2nd Birthday the theme was a Flower theme. We mainly used balloons to make and incorporate the theme. But as you can see here, I went for a custom party hat for her.

This hat was created using our plain party hat template. Use as heavy of a paper as you can if you plan to embellish it like I did.

How To: Cut hat form out of hard scrap booking paper. Cover the hat form with a fabric. I used a see through fabric but you could use tons of things… would be neat or even a fabric with a pattern. Glue the top tassel inside the hat and then glue down the back to make your cone shape. I used hot glue for an immediate fix. And this can certainly go quicker and is easier with an extra pair of hands. My mom provided those for me…..thanks mom….Cut 2 holes on either side with a hole punch to insert elastic for the chin strap. Add finishing trim to the bottom of the hat. The final touch would be to use some squirt paint (sorry I don’t know it’s correct name) to write on the front or just leave it plain. If you were using a patterned fabric, you could put glue and glitter on strategic spots.

Resources: You can get heavy scrap booking paper at almost any craft stores or even target. Then purchase your fabric and notions or trim at a fabric store. See our Template and How to for a Basic Birthday Party Hat.

Flower Party Balloon Decoration

Flower Party Decorations

Flower Party Decorations

There is nothing more uplifting that flowers. So, there could not be a better party theme to use for a birthday party than a Flower Party Theme! When you decorate for a flower party, it doesn’t always have to be real flowers. Craft some of your own colorful flowers to fill your home or party place.

These balloons are so easy to blow and and make into flowers. You can have them all over the place. And I’m just now thinking of this, but you could mount these on the top of a stick and do two green balloons to fasten to the side of the stick to make stand up flowers. Oooh. Even put them in a flower pot with sand in the bottom of even dirt.

To make them, choose 2 different colors: 4 balloons of one color and 1 balloon of a complimentary color. Tie 2 balloons together and then tie the other 3 together. At this point don’t try and tie them all together but twist them together and position the way you want. Sooooo easy.

Enjoy making decorations for your flower party. This one should make you smile.

Photos taken by Amy Hall Photography, Portland, OR.

Flower Birthday Party Favors

Flower Birthday Party Favor

Flower Birthday Party Favor

No matter if you are having a Flower Birthday Party that is all about digging in the dirt or if it’s a cute little girl’s birthday party, you can still bring in unexpected surprises to the party. My daughter’s first birthday party was a flower themed party. It was small and we only invited cousins.

For each of the guests, I made these balloon flower rings as part of the favors. Once you figure out how to hold your mouth right, they weren’t too bad to make. They are made with two of the long hot dog shaped balloons that are different colors. It really doesn’t matter what colors you choose so I would opt for colors that compliment the theme of the party or the invitation colors.

Flower Birthday Party Favor

Flower Birthday Party Favor

Take one balloon and blow it up almost completely and tie off at the end. Twist small balls of the balloon starting at the tied end. Hold on to that “petal” and keep twisting to make additional petals. Once you have the number you want, tie the two ends together and cut off any excess. To make the center of the flower take another long balloon and blow only enough air to make a center petal and tie off right under that air pocket. Loop the rest of the balloon around to make the ring part and tie again close to the bottom of the air pocket. Slide the center balloon into the middle of the other petals and place on your finger.

To display for your party guests as they arrive, simply place them on a stick that is smooth enough that the balloons won’t pop but still gives you an earthy feeling. These are cute favors for any age of kid or adult for that matter.

Photos taken by Amy Hall Photography, Portland, OR.