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Halloween & Magic Party Entertainment – A Magician

Halloween Party Entertainment

Halloween Party Entertainment

 Having a magician at ANY birthday party is great.  They generally come to you house, set up their own equipment, take it all down and are out of there before the kids have even finished their cake!  Magic right?  These guys have it down.

Every town has great magicians and ones that specialize on coming to schools and performing at birthday parties.  See if other friends have used one before or seen one at a party and go for it.  Some are certainly better than others.  And it totally depends on how they deal with cranky kids.  All the kids at my daughter’s party were all in.  They were all 5 and 6 years old.  Didn’t question how he did the tricks……just went with it.

BUT, I went to another kids birthday party where the kids were making rude comments to the magician and saying they knew how he did certain tricks.  I have to say that that guy may have been great under other circumstances, but he didn’t deal with the, I call them cranky, kids very well.  But even though the parents noticed it.  The kids still had a blast.  There is nothing more endearing that listing to children laughing!

This guy was a good one and we were thrilled that we spent the money for him to come.  He involved the birthday girl and had all the kids play a part.  I thought this would be a fun thing to do for a Halloween birthday party, but I have seen magicians at Princess parties, magician parties and others.  And they can easily take up 30 to 45 min of the time you need to entertain the kids.  It is totally worth it.  Consider a magician for your next birthday party……hey even an adult party could be spruced up by one of these guys!

Magic Show Birthday Party Invitation & Wording

Magic Show Birthday Party Invitation

Magic Show Birthday Party Invitation

Nothing like a magic show theme for a kids birthday party. There is that special age where they still buy into everything and the tricks are really magical for the kids. I love watching their faces. Once they get to like 2nd to 4th grade, the kids get too skeptical and you have to have a really good magician to fool them.

This was the invitation for a party we went to and the kids loved the party. The tone was set when the invitation arrived. It was address to the kids and it was to both kids so we know right away who is invited. Then a kid appropriate stamp was chosen which is another little detail that enhances the party planning process!

The Magic Show Birthday Party Invitation wording went as such:

Magic Show
Birthday Party

Abracadabra William is turning 5!
Join us for cake, fun and a furry surprise!

RSVP and Date

This is such a fun theme even if you don’t like this invitation there are so many out there to chose from. This one was ordered from Tiny Prints.

Directions to your Party

Directions to your Birthday Party

Directions to your Birthday Party

If you are inviting new friends or you live in an out of the way place, it’s always thoughtful to assist your guests in finding the party location! I have to be completely honest, this is a detail I personally often forget.

It seemed like for so many years we were inviting friends to our parties who knew our neighborhood. Now, that my daughter is in first grade, we are inviting a whole new set of folks. It’s no longer the kids of my friends who are coming but her friends from school. And not very many of them live in our specific neighborhood so they get lost!!!

Really all it takes is a simple sign that your kids help to make. Or get a couple of extra balloons to tie to the front gate or a stop sign where they need to turn.

Another nice gesture is to put a copy of the directions in the invitation and not just an address. I’m so dependent on my IPhone to get me where I need to go that I forget not everyone has one or uses theirs in that way. This is really easy to do if it’s your home. Just type the directions in a word doc and size it small so you don’t have to resize all the time to print. Save the Directions Document for all the parties you throw.

So, no matter what kind of party you are giving or gathering, it’s helpful to assist your guests in arriving on time and with as little stress as possible!

Magic Show Birthday Party

Magic Birthday Party

Magic Birthday Party

Magic Show Birthday Parties are becoming very popular. And what’s a magic themed birthday party without a real magician? For the right age kid, it can really be fun for them. This birthday boy is obviously having a great time.

I’ve been to several of these types of parties over the last year or so and really it doesn’t matter much how good your magician is. The kids seem to love all level of talented magician. There was one in particular that the adults didn’t really care for but the kids loved him. Then there have been others that both adults and kids love. The best way to find these guys is just by word of mouth referrals.

Magic Show Birthday Party

Magic Show Birthday Party

As you can tell by the faces of these kids, this magician was a bit hit. I will say that kids get to a certain age and they really try figuring out how the tricks work. You’ll have to base it on your child and their friends. But I think that the perfect age range for a magician is where the kids are from say 4 to 8…..maybe 9. At some point, they start heckling the magician and that’s not fun.

This particular magician was at a birthday party for a 5 year old and his name is Presto from Portland, OR. I’ll just say that the kids loved him.

Magic Show Birthday Cake

Magic Show Birthday Party Cake

Magic Show Birthday Party Cake

Professional Cake makers are amazing these days. Growing up, we never had such fancy birthday cakes. And the company that makes these not only makes them look great but they taste great too.

This cake was made as a layer cake to resemble a magicians hat and then the bunny and wand on top. Between the layers, there was something like a fruit type jam. Hum. Then with the roll out fondants that you can get and make, the creative juices can just flow. Use cookie cutters or cut the designs out yourself!

Have any of you watch the cake maker on HGTV or something like that. These guys are really amazing!

Anyway, this cake was bought from the Beaverton Bakery in Portland OR and really make the theme of the magician birthday party come alive! ADORABLE!

Kids Magician Birthday Party Dress Up

Magician Birthday Boy

Magician Birthday Boy

Having a magician them birthday party? Dress your little magician for the part! Kids love to dress up.

Letting the birthday boy or girl play a part in a themed birthday party is like allowing them to be a character in a play and what kid does not act out characters ALL THE TIME? My kids want to be animals all the time but that’s off the subject! For this magician birthday party, the birthday boy simply wore a bow tie for most of the party. He also had a top hat and cape which were shed pretty quickly but he did put them back on for the magic show……if I remember correctly.

Magician dress up items can be found at most costume shops or stores or really anywhere online. But even if you just went with a bow tie, I think the above magician looks great….don’t you?

Magic Show Birthday Party Table Setting

Magic Show Birthday Party Table Scape

Magic Show Birthday Party Table Scape

Add a personal touch to your magic show’s party table. The party table is always the centerpiece of a birthday party. It doesn’t matter where you host the party or the age of the kids or what activities there are, you always sit down and at least have cake! Right? So, make the table a memorable one.

Often we have parties at these large facilities or at a park or at home and it’s extremely hard to decorate the whole place to fit your theme. That is unless you totally want to blow the budget!!! So, pick a place and do it up! The eating table is a great place to start. You could also chose the serving table. It doesn’t really matter where, but concentrate some personal touches in one area and that will make more of an impact than trying to decorate and entire gym….for example.

Here the hostess, purchased some fabric yardage at a local store to use as the table cloth. So often the table cloths you buy are either not original or are just not what you want. But, especially now that quilting is so big, there are tons of fabrics to chose from. And the designs range from Disney to very sophisticated. And really you don’t even have to hem it. No one will ever notice. For the magic show theme, blue fabric with stars was perfect.

Simply cut the fabric the size you need for the table and lay it down! Nothing could be easier or more impactful. It really won’t take long to find what you want and add some solid plates and cups and you are done! No matter if you are doing a magic show theme or really anything else, there is something out there for you.

Magic Show Birthday Party Table Centerpiece

Magic Show Birthday Party Centerpiece

Magic Show Birthday Party Centerpiece

There is nothing more simple yet impactful than a centerpiece of balloons!

This birthday party revolved around a Magic Theme. In the center of the table was a magician’s hat with a group of helium balloons nesting in it. The hostess, aka mom, pulled the whole party together with a few simple colors which I thought were perfect. Blue, White and Silver with punches of red made the party really come together.

Remember that great ideas don’t always have to take you a lot of time to put together. Some of the best ideas are simple and easy to pull together!