Welcome to our idea sharing. I have planned more parties than I can remember. And I have tons of friends and family who have planned fabulous parties. I hope to share ideas used in many of those parties and to share ideas that come from our blog readers as well.

Let me dispell one thing right off the bat. There is no such thing as a perfect party. When you are the hostess…..there could always be more guests, there could always be better food, there could always be more decorations…….AND something always goes wrong. Expect it. It will happen. It just depends on how you handle the turn of events that will set the tone.

Want to share your ideas? We love to hear them. Contact us as we love to hear what folks have done with their own birthday party planning.

I am not an eternal poster. This blog will be broken down into small specific issues and ideas so that you aren’t required to read for 10 minutes to get the jist of an idea. Expect it and ENJOY!