Ladybug Birthday Party Popup Invitation

Ladybug Birthday Party Invitation

Ladybug Birthday Party Invitation

I decided that I wanted to make a pop up card for one of my kid’s birthday party invitations. Maybe I was a gluten for punishment….not sure. Anyway, I thought I would have to create them all from scratch so I set out to learn how to do pop ups. Ugh. This is a real art.

Then shazam, I found this website from a man who produces pop up books. AND…..he has some free templates on his site that allow you to print out and make your own cards. The selection is not vast but you can find some cute ones. The ladybug being one of them!!

I simply printed out the template on colored paper and then embellished it with dots. For you purists out there, I know that the dots are not perfectly symmetrical like they are suppose to be. But whenever my daughter draws ladybugs, she never makes the dots right. So, I went on her lead and did them random as well.

I have done several of the pop up cards on this site and you will be able to see them under the invitations section of our blog.

Have fund creating your own ladybug party invitation for your bug or ladybug inspired birthday party!

Resources: Template available on, I used light weight scrap booking paper but not too lightweight. If it’s like construction paper it won’t hold enough shape!

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