Magic Show Birthday Party Invitation & Wording

Magic Show Birthday Party Invitation

Magic Show Birthday Party Invitation

Nothing like a magic show theme for a kids birthday party. There is that special age where they still buy into everything and the tricks are really magical for the kids. I love watching their faces. Once they get to like 2nd to 4th grade, the kids get too skeptical and you have to have a really good magician to fool them.

This was the invitation for a party we went to and the kids loved the party. The tone was set when the invitation arrived. It was address to the kids and it was to both kids so we know right away who is invited. Then a kid appropriate stamp was chosen which is another little detail that enhances the party planning process!

The Magic Show Birthday Party Invitation wording went as such:

Magic Show
Birthday Party

Abracadabra William is turning 5!
Join us for cake, fun and a furry surprise!

RSVP and Date

This is such a fun theme even if you don’t like this invitation there are so many out there to chose from. This one was ordered from Tiny Prints.

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