Make Your own Spa Party Invitations

Spa Party Invitation

Finished Invitation

Whenever I have the time and the inspiration strikes me, I love to make home made invitations for parties. They can be time consuming but so rewarding! This one was no exception. I had mom’s tell me that they hung this on the fridge and it was just a pleasure to walk by and see it. That will make anyone excited about attending your party. Evites and emails are easy but are also easily forgotten.

Starting the Organza Surround

Supplies for 1st Step

For my daughter’s 12 birthday we decided to do it up big and we traveled to a hot springs bath and really exposed these girls to things that I didn’t have the opportunity to do until I was an adult! But they had a blast. And I had a blast making the invitations and planning it. They really were simple to make and with items that can be found at any craft supply store.

Gather & Glue

Gather & Glue

The very first thing you’ll want to do is to print the invitation on the back of the small size scrapbooking sheets. Insure that it’s centered and will fit within the mask template (found below) so that you don’t cut off any of the words. Take the below template and cut out your mask.

Cut (2) 2′ lengths of ribbon for the tie on the mask. Cut one end at a diagonal and the other straight across. On the straight across end, fold over a small amount and glue to the front of the invitation on each side far enough in that the organza will cover it. Secure with a clothespin so you don’t have to hold it forever.

Adding Eyelashes

Add your Eyelashes

Making the organza ready to apply to the mask is easier with a sewing machine. You can gather the organza by hand with a needle and thread. Simply run a line of thread down the center of the organza and gather it…..but it’s much easier to gather and makes a nicer final product if you use a gathering stitch on a sewing machine. On the invitation shown here, I ran the thread only 1″ on one side. I think the one I liked best, I ran the gathering thread 2″ in on one side. I used about 2 1/2 to 3 yards of organza per invitation. After you run the gathering thread, gather down the invitation until it is the fullness that you prefer. Better to make the first one long and have to cut some off than make it too short! Tie off only one end of your threads. This will allow you to fit the gathers to the mask at the end and cut off where you need it to.

It's all Done

Completed Spa Invitation

Apply a bead of glue for a few inches and place the gathers securing with some clothespins. Work your way all the way around and once you are at the end, now you can tie your thread and cut off any extra organza. Be sure to start in an inconspicuous spot. I chose one of the sides where the ribbon was.

After the organza is dry, add your eyelashes. I just placed them when they looked good. No need for additional glue, they are already sticky!

You now have your finished Spa Party Mask Invitation. Because my daughter was hand delivering them to school, we put them in nondescript manila envelopes so that she would not be announcing who was invited and who wasn’t. Because she is now in a bigger school and folks live all over the city, it’s harder to hand delivery them. Have fun with your mask and show me how they turn out!

Mask Template:

Spa Mask Invitation Template

Invitation Supplies

Invitation Supplies


Roll of Organza Ribbon – 5″ x 18′ – I used the Nicole Brand
Roll of Ribbon for Ties – I used Pure Color Expressions – Sugar Dots Ribbon 7/8″ wide
Scrapbooking paper
Fake Eyelashes – Any brand will work
Sewing Machine and Thread to match Organza

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