Ghost Bag Tags

Ghost Bag Tags

Ghost Bag Tags

One of the activities during my daughter’s birthday party was allowing the kids to create their own trick or treating bag to be used later in the party. The blank bags were left on the tables to decorate as they arrived and once they were finished with their artistic creation, I had tags ready for them to slap on their bags so that they could dry in the corner safely and not get torn apart during other events during the party.

Sure you could use regular tags and write everyone’s name on it to have ready but what is the fun in that? I would recommend for sure filling out the tags in advance if you don’t decide to create them. More often that not multiple kids are finished at the same time and you don’t want to have to stress over filling out their names at the last minute.

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags in Wait

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags in Wait

I had seen Martha Stewart do something similar to this and then used them as necklaces. But I made up my own template and went with the tag idea instead. Having them all on the counter in my kitchen allowed kids and/or parents to easily find their kids tag and I didn’t even need to be involved. I would recommend having a few extras made that are blank for those show up guests that you weren’t expecting!!!

How to: Take a piece of wax paper and place it over either our template or your own ghost template. I used two different ones just to spice it up a bit. Really you don’t need a template. I just found it faster as I was making a large number of them. Next, apply a liberal amount of glue to the wax paper. Using a tooth pick guide the glue into the design you’d like. Mine created bubbles that I tried popping with the toothpick and was not always successful. I don’t think that matters too much. Set it aside to dry and after it’s completely dry, peal it off the wax paper. Write the kids names in sharpie. Cut 2 slits at the top and insert ribbon to tie one your favor.

I will give you one word of caution. I don’t know if it was the inexpensive nature of the glue I used or if I tried to dry them too fast, but some of mine got brittle. So, you might not want to do this too far in advance and you might want to put away from curious onlookers so that they don’t all fall apart before you need them. If you try this and use a great glue, share with us what you did so we can all benefit! Enjoy the project.

Resources: Ghost Template, School Glue, Ribbon, Wax Paper, straight edged blade.

Halloween Ghost Template

Ghost Favor Tag


Click on the Template link below if you’d like to use our template for the glue ghosts we created.  Or, see how we made these at the following link.

Resources:  School Glue, Any kind of ribbon  you wish to use.  We used left over balloon tying ribbon left over from the balloons.

Directions for Project:  Making Glue Ghosts as Favor Tags

To See Template:  Halloween Glue Ghost Template



Make Your Own Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

Because I knew that we were going trick or treating during my daughter’s birthday party, I wanted to have some special treat bags for them to carry. I didn’t want just plastic or paper bags…..although now that I’m thinking about it… would be just as fun for the kids to decorate paper sacks to use as their treat bags. And less work for you. But who wants less work? Ha! I seem to make things more complicated that they can be…..says my husband. It’s simply that I like things to be just so.

So! We wanted treat bags for the party. After looking online, I couldn’t find at the time a plain treat bag that I liked or that was the right size. Thus, I made them. A bunch of them.

Halloween Trick or Treat Bag Supplies

Halloween Trick or Treat Bag Supplies

Supplies you’ll need are shown here. The bag…..if you can find it, certainly purchase them. Or make them and I explain how I made mine below. Having a smattering of randomly size and shape pieces pre-cut was helpful as all the kids had to do was to apply the faces to the bags with a fabric glue that I had poured out in a plate for all to share.

I turned this into a project to give the kids something to do as all the kids were arriving. This party was in our home and our living room turned into party central. And we had a tent. First stop was the living room where the kids made their own party bags. I had 3 tables set out with chairs and disposable table cloths that could be whipped up and thrown away for phase two of the party.

Halloween Treat Bag Step 2

Halloween Treat Bag Step 1

I’m sure there are 20 ways you could make this treat bag. This is only 1 way. I didn’t do a very good job of photographing each step. You’ll need to read the steps here and just use the images as overall reference. Felt was the easiest fabric to use as it holds it’s shape pretty well and you don’t have to sew under raw edges!!! For the handles I cut 2 strips 10″ long x 1″ wide for each bag. To give it a bit of a finished look, you can sew the two edges together longways leaving an 1″ or so on either end to connect to the bag. To me it make it look more like a “bag handle.”

Halloween Treat Bag Step 1

Halloween Treat Bag Step 2

For the bag itself you’ll need (2) pieces of felt 10″ x 8″ wide and (2) pieces 10″ x 4″ wide. May I repeat that there are many ways of skinning this cat and this is just my own twisted way of making these. My biggest goal is that I wanted to be boxy and I wanted to top stitch the edges. OK. First step is to make a box of sorts. The two wider pieces of felt are the front and back. The two smaller pieces are the sides. Start seaming or top-stitching a front to the side and then that side to the back. Seam that back to the second side and then complete the box by seaming the other side to the front panel. Now you have made a “box that could stand up but has no bottom yet. I started using a fancy stitch but it was taking too long and ended up just doing a top stitching seam.

Making Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

Making Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

Turn this “box” inside out and then fold the “box” flat matching the side seams. At this point the side panels will be folded in half and the front and back should be against each other. Seam across the bottom about 1/2″.

Now you’ll want to make your corners. With the “box” still inside out, pull the bottom corners out to seam. Look at the “step 1” photo above to see how the corner should be pulled out and seam a triangle and cut off extra. If this is confusing to anyone, let me know and I’ll try and explain better.

Turn right side out, attach the handles either by hand or seaming on your sewing machine. And you are done! Well, until the party. At the party, let the kids use the cut black felt pieces to use their imagination in creating their own pumpkin face!

Eye Ball Template

Eye Ball Template

Use this template for anything.  We used it to make eye ball shirt favors for my daughters Halloween birthday party.  You don’t need to paint it perfectly.  But I would leave more of a seam allowance around the edge than shown here!

Directions for Project:  Halloween Spooky Eye Ball Shirt

To See Template:  Eye Ball Template

Displaying Halloween Party Favors

Halloween Favor Presentation

Halloween Favor Presentation

Part of decorating for your party is the reveal or displaying of the party favors. If the favors are colorful and eye catching make them front and center. This will also help you remember to give them out at the end of the party. I don’t know about you but I get so busy with the party that it seems like a kid always slips out the door without me having said “good-bye” or given them their favor. Horror.

These shirts that I made were a great addition to the decorations for our prep table. I had a table dedicated to holding everything for the party. This party was at my house and my kitchen being a galley kitchen didn’t have a lot of room on the counters for the extras. So, on the prep table, I had all the cups, plates, favors, cake, cake cutter and anything that I needed easy access to for the party but didn’t want it front and center under my foot.

Displaying Halloween Favors

Displaying Halloween Favors

I carefully folded and rolled up the shirts for the kids and tied them off with some balloon ribbon. Then I had some left over pieces from making crowns and decided to give the eye balls crowns! It looked like little monsters. I have this old tray that I use to use in the garden that I displayed the shirts and moved them around on. You need something to contain your favors. I hardly ever just line them up unless I KNOW that I won’t want to move them later.

If you have a favor that doesn’t need a treat bag, don’t put them in one!  Continue to use your creativity and display them proudly.  And don’t forget to put the kids names on them somehow so that it will be easier to hand out quickly when the mass exodus is happening.

Halloween Birthday Party Trick or Treating

Trick or Treating at Neighbors

Trick or Treating at Neighbors

I don’t know about your kids but mine LOVE, LOVE to go trick or treating. They look forward to it all year long. I even think that neighbors love the evening almost as much as the kids. With all the decorations and the candy and treat bags that are prepared ahead of time, who wouldn’t get into the spirit?

Since this party was in December, I thought it would be such a fun treat to be able to go trick or treating again! I have to say that I didn’t come up with this idea on my own! A friend from church was telling me about a party that she had for her child years ago and they went trick or treating……and thought, what a fabulous idea.

Halloween Party Trick or Treat Favor Bags

Halloween Party Trick or Treat Favor Bags

Very important tip. Give your neighbors a heads up, ha! We went to two house and went all as a great….yes, about 20/30 kids at your door wanting treats all at once. This is not a job for the shy or reclusive neighbor. It’s for those kid friendly neighbors who love to party as well. Luckily, we had two right next door.

I offered to provide the treats for them to give out. One took me up on it as they had just had a baby. The other wouldn’t hear of it. She put together little bags with a treat and some pencils and goodies for the kids to have.

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

The treat bags I provided for my new mother neighbor, were simple. So the kids wouldn’t be too sugared up for their parents, I bought a jumbo bag of yogurt covered pretzels. I found some clear cellophane bags at JoAnn’s or the like and put 5 or 6 pretzels in each. With a letter punch, I punched out words like “boo”, “ghost” and “spooky” and glued them to the bags. This was tricky to find a glue that would stick to the plastic and not allow the letters to pop off easily. Be aware of that! I think it was Michaels, but there are so many great scrap-booking stores now who have great Halloween papers, where I got this black paper that had spiderwebs all throughout. It worked perfect for the letters. If you do select a paper with a pattern, make sure that the pattern is small. Closed them off with a Halloween sticker of any kind and placed on a tray ready for them to be given away.

It really doesn’t matter what the kids get when they are like 9 and under. It’s the thrill of the hunt! It’s an activity that took up about 15/30 minutes of the party time and the kids were talking about how fun it was a year later at the next party!

Halloween & Magic Party Entertainment – A Magician

Halloween Party Entertainment

Halloween Party Entertainment

 Having a magician at ANY birthday party is great.  They generally come to you house, set up their own equipment, take it all down and are out of there before the kids have even finished their cake!  Magic right?  These guys have it down.

Every town has great magicians and ones that specialize on coming to schools and performing at birthday parties.  See if other friends have used one before or seen one at a party and go for it.  Some are certainly better than others.  And it totally depends on how they deal with cranky kids.  All the kids at my daughter’s party were all in.  They were all 5 and 6 years old.  Didn’t question how he did the tricks……just went with it.

BUT, I went to another kids birthday party where the kids were making rude comments to the magician and saying they knew how he did certain tricks.  I have to say that that guy may have been great under other circumstances, but he didn’t deal with the, I call them cranky, kids very well.  But even though the parents noticed it.  The kids still had a blast.  There is nothing more endearing that listing to children laughing!

This guy was a good one and we were thrilled that we spent the money for him to come.  He involved the birthday girl and had all the kids play a part.  I thought this would be a fun thing to do for a Halloween birthday party, but I have seen magicians at Princess parties, magician parties and others.  And they can easily take up 30 to 45 min of the time you need to entertain the kids.  It is totally worth it.  Consider a magician for your next birthday party……hey even an adult party could be spruced up by one of these guys!

Pin a Face on the Pumpkin Activity

Pin a Face on the Pumpkin

Pin a Face on the Pumpkin

By cutting out various shape and size eyes, noses and mouths, kids can make their own scary pumpkin that is fun for any age since there is no cutting involved.

We played this game for a Halloween party at our home. This could easily be done during a birthday party or just a regular Halloween party. And it can be adapted for anything. You could do a ghost, scary face, pin the wart on the witch….lots of things come to mind. We liked the pumpkin as we bought small pumpkins for each of the kids to take home.

Simply have an assortment of the eyes, noses and mouths cut out and ready to go. We use small stick pins that would easily go into the pumpkin but would hurt too much if the kids got stuck elsewhere..:( With an orange blind fold and a little dizzy turn for the older kids or just walking the younger ones close to the pumpkin, they are ready to go.

It’s always amazing to me how kids love to be blindfolded to play an activity. Even if it’s not pin the face on the pumpkin finding an activity that includes a blindfold will insure the game is successful!

Halloween Party Shirt Favors

Halloween Birthday Party Shirt Favor

Halloween Birthday Party Shirt Favor

I have to admit that this is NOT an original idea. I saw it on someone else’s blog and I can’t find it again. Please let me know if this is your idea and I will give you credit! OK. Now that that is out of the way. This was such a fun favor to give the kids for my daughter’s Halloween Birthday Party. I made girl shirts and then boy shirts. The girls were orange and the boys were black.

It was a very easy shirt to make. I used an old T-Shirt of my husband’s the paint the eyes. At first, I was going to put two eye balls for folks to think they had eyes on their backs. But then thought it would be funnier to just use one. The original idea that I saw, they had put eye balls all over the shirt but that would have been just way too much work since I was making quite a large number of these.

Eye Ball Shirt Supplies

Eye Ball Shirt Supplies

Make sure you use an inexpensive acrylic paint to insure that it doesn’t wash out when you wash the shirt. Another mistake I made was to not leave enough room around the eye ball to have a “seam allowance”. So, make sure when you cut the eyes out, you allow 1/2″ to 1″ to sew around. Steps: Paint they eyes, let them dry and cut out. Sew them face down on the inside of the shirts. Then go and cut out the front to make the eye ball show. You can play with it and make it look like the eye has a lazy eye or be wide open.

These T-Shirts were such great favors. The kids loved them and it was fun to see them being worn to school for months after the party.

I bought girl specific and boy specific t-shirts from target. But, you can get them anywhere.
One of dad’s old undershirts
Fabric Paint – Blue, Green and/or brown for color in eyes; black for pupil; white for shine in eye – Found at any craft store
Red Permanent Marker with fine tip for bloodshot eyes – Found at any craft store
Wide bristle paint brush

Below is a template I used to make the eyes uniform.

Eye Ball Template

Halloween Birthday Party Thank You Notes

Halloween Birthday Party Thank You Notes

Halloween Birthday Party Thank You Notes

Handwritten thank you notes are more important now than ever before. I remember XXX years ago when I would get a thank you note, handwritten, in the mail ALL the time. For volunteer activities, for gifts given or just someone thanking me for taking the time to do something special for them. Because of email folks have gotten lazy. And frankly our lives may be even busier. Regardless, I feel that it’s important that we teach our children the art of thanking people properly for gifts and special gestures.

To encourage my daughter to be excited about writing her thank you notes for her Halloween Themed birthday, I had a friend who creates stationery come up with these cards. Now, depending on the abilities and age of your child, they may or may not do the whole thing. You child may only be able to sign their name. Or they can write the note but you need to address the envelopes. Or maybe they can fill in the blank what they received. Whatever your child can do, I encourage you to have them do it. I know that after the planning and implementing of a party, we tend to be exhausted.  Don’t forget to “tie the bow” on the package.

Resources: Cards by Barbra at Paper Rabbit Designs

Pirate Popup Ship Birthday Party Invitation

Pirate Popup Birthday Party Invitation

Pirate Popup Birthday Party Invitation

I LOVED these popup ship birthday invitations that I created for my son’s Pirate themed birthday party.  I will say over and over the an invitation sets the mood for a party.  So, don’t skimp!!!  He was turning 5 and was in preschool at the time.  We invited everyone from preschool so it was very easy to put the invitation in their boxes.  If you were mailing these, I might put extra reinforcements in the envelope to insure they didn’t get messed up before the kids saw them.

Pirate Invitation Sailing Ships

I’m not going to lie to you, this too some time to make!  And I didn’t make up the template.  I found a wonderful artist who shares some basic pop up invitation templates and this is one of them.  His web address is below.  I made the card part blue like water and the ships black.  Under the white sails you see here is a black sail that is part of the template.  I drew off the 3 sails and then oriented my printer to print off the invitation on them.  You can see the wording I used on the post just below if you are in the Pirate Party section.

Pirate Party Folding Invitation

After you print off the wording, just glue onto the sails.  I also found these skull and crossbone stickers online that I added to the front of the ship so it wouldn’t look so plain.

The kids loved them!  That is what is fun about it.  Is the look in their eyes when they are opening and closing the card.  Because I don’t know if you were like me but if we had nice pop up books, the kids weren’t allowed to put their hands on them because they would tear up.  Well there is no worries here.  Let them play with the invitations until they do tear up.  What’s the fun of putting something like this on a shelf!

Resources:  Template – www.robert

Pirate Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Pirate Birthday Invitation Wording

Pirate Birthday Invitation Wording

When you are creating a party invitation no matter if it’s for a birthday party or just for a dinner party, wording can be very important.  It not only gives details for the party itself but it can peak your interest and make you excited to attend the party.  I know it has become acceptable to use evites and such to invite folks to parties……but thing about yourself and your own reactions.  Are you more excited about a party that you received an evite for?  Or are you more excited or are your kids more excited for a paper invitation that came in the mail.  I implore you to continue to send personal invitations through the mail.  And if you are reading things I’m probably preaching to the choir!

For my son’s pirate birthday party, I created these pop up pirate ships which I talk about in another post.  Below I’ve outlined for you what I included as the invitation wording.   Since I wanted to be more creative with the invitation, I didn’t get whole lot of details on the sail.   This is the party where we attended the How I Became A Pirate show and so there were several drop off and pickup details that I had to include in an insert for the parents.  Don’t feel bad about doing that.  And really, that is a great way to put the details because often the invitations get whisked away before the parents get a good look at them.  But the kids don’t care much about a plain piece of paper with a bunch of words on them.

For our invitation the wording went like this:

First Sail:
Saturday, April 2
2:30 -4:30

Second Sail:
Set your Sails for a
Land Far Away.
Where only Pirates
Live and Play.
Come and Seek your Loot
Aboard Brad’s Birthday Sloop!

Third Sail:
The docks at “Your House”

Stamping your Birthday Invite

USPS Celebrate Stamp

Standard USPS Celebrate Stamp

Looking down to the finest detail of mailing your birthday party invitations and thank you notes with the perfect stamp shows that you have planned your party down to the finest detail. I always say that the invitation sets the tone for a birthday party. Adding a stamp that follows the theme always looks nice.

My kids jump up and down anytime there is ANYTHING in the mail that is addressed to or for them. Face it, if it’s not a bill or junk mail I love to get mail too. Make it as special as you can!

Celebrate Stamp

Celebrate Stamp perfect for any Birthday theme.

The US postal service is starting to catch on. I just received an email where they actually advertised this page as stamps to use on birthday party invitations on eBay. As I’m about to plan my daughter’s birthday party in a few months, I was intrigued. There isn’t anything that is perfect for the theme we’ve chosen but I can see how several of them would still work.

By using a postage stamp that screams a special ocassion, you are making a first impression.  Using ones that are already designed by the postal service is the most economic way to go.  We’ve made our own stamps which I’ll share with you another day but these Celebrate Stamps work with all parties!

Pirate Party Invitation Details

Pirate Party Invitation Details

It’s all in the details.  For this Pirate Party, I made pop up ships that you can see in another post.  But I didn’t want to stop there.  Because I wasn’t getting pre-made cards, I didn’t have envelopes.  There are tons of folks on the web who sell envelops the size, shape and color you want.  And you don’t have to purchase a ton.  For the life of me I can’t find the site that I purchased mine from, but it really doesn’t matter.

Pirate Party Return Address Labels

The return address labels were fun.  I had gotten in the mail an opportunity to make these for free from  What timing?  It was for one sheet only and I took advantage of it and the costs for this were minimal.  Whatever shipping was which was like $3.  The black labels didn’t show up very well on the black envelope, so I found these great round brown stickers at that I placed under them to made them pop.  Because my son was in preschool and we were inviting the whole class, I was able to just address them to the kids first names and slipped the invites in to their boxes at school.  I selected this ornate gothic font to go with the theme.  Again, details.

Jolly Roger Stickers

On the back of the invitations, I placed a jolly rogers flag. There is a great site, where I was able to find some creative stickers for this. The kids notice every little detail so don’t miss things you might take for granted yourself.

Pirate Birthday Party Games

Pirate Scavenger Hunt Party Game

Pirate Scavenger Hunt Party Game


Pirate Birthday Parties lend themselves to lots of creative ideas. And it’s a theme that is liked by young and old. This Pirate party that we went to, there were several different short activities which kept the kids on their toes. Actually, it was in the back of a pirate store in Portland, OR and one of their staff ran the party. What a great marketing idea for the store.

Pirate Tatoos

Pirate Tatoos

The name of the store was Captain Henry’s Pirate Store in the Lloyd Center mall. They had a table set up in the back where you could bring in cake and snacks and totally ran the rest of the party.

These were some of the activities that the kids participated in. I’ve talked about a few others in their own posts. The top photo is a pirate scavenger hunt game. The kids had to look around for these little arm bands and when they found them, they had to run over to the sword and place them on the sword. They may have been split up into teams but that isn’t necessary.

There was a time that each kid received their own tatoo. If there is a party built for tatoos it’s a Pirate Party. Let the kids put them on each other….depending on their age.

Pirate Salute

Pirate Salute

To be a proper pirate you must learn the salute. The captain had a whistle around her neck and any time throughout the party that she blew it, the kids had to stop and issue their salute and say “Aye Aye Captain.” Love keeping those kids in line. Captain didn’t always do it to get their attention. She did it between games. You might just do it for fun to see who is really paying attention.

Pirate Walk the Plank Game

Pirate Walk the Plank Game

To end the party, the mates were required to walk the plank. It was meant for them to exit the party and it was time to go and not really a game. Problem was the kids had so much fun “walking the plank” that they went to the back of the line over and over again. The plank was simply a couple of 2 x 4s nailed together. I can see this as a fun way to end all pirate parties!

Real Pirates to Visit Birthday Party

Real Pirate at PartyHonestly, there are not many people children or adults that don’t like to see someone dressed up!  I often wonder what it is.  Do children and adults like to have one bit of fantasy in this reality world?  Do we feel like we too could be a character with them.  I don’t know.  But no matter if it is a cow or chicken standing on the roadside or someone like this pirate, kids especially are drawn to them.

For one of your birthday parties you should have someone show up in costume.  You can either hire a guy like this pirate or talk the favorite uncle into dressing up.  You can probably get a deal on the costume if it’s not around Halloween.  There are tons of cool ones that go with almost every party theme at the adult costume shops.

What do they do you ask?  Well, really they don’t have to do much.  They could read a book like you can see in another post we have.  Lead the games.  Bring a pet bird or other animal that fits within your theme for the kids to pet.  Or just hang out like they are attending the party as well.  The more they ham it up, the more the kids will like it.

I actually can’t take credit for this one.  He was wandering around the theater we had my son’s Pirate Birthday Party trying to talk up a festival.  None-the-less he was a big draw to our kids and we spent a lot of time talking to him and his bird.

Pirate Birthday Party Main Event

How I Became a Pirate Musical

Every time you are planning a party, you need to have a main event.  Whether that event is going to some jumpy house place or the park or to a show!!!  In Portland, we have a wonderful Children’s theatre.  If you are luck enough to have one in your area.  Keep tabs on what they are showing as it could lend a helping hand to planning the perfect party event.

Honestly, I knew that the musical was coming to town and would be showing during my son’s birthday.  So, I kind of talked him into a pirate theme thinking that it would be fun to take the kids to the musical from one of their favorite books!  Not only did they LOVE the musical but it kept me from having to think of games to play and really didn’t cost more than renting out a venue.


Backstage at How I Became A Pirate

How I became a Pirate is one of my son’s favorite books and they would read it in preschool frequently. Since we were inviting all the kids from his preschool class, we also invited the teacher. Speaking of teachers…..if you have a good relationship with your child’s teacher, inviting them to the party can be a treat for them. They don’t get invited to many and if you are planning a show stopper you should go ahead and invite them. And because they know the kids so well, they end up helping. It’s great!

Anyway, we purchased tickets for all the kids to come to the show. Had the parents drop them off at a certain door so they wouldn’t have to park and gathered all the kids in the lobby. Since we were expecting about 10 kids, we arrived at the theater early and ended up meeting some of the cast, getting a signed poster and my son was able to go “backstage” as you can see in this photo before the musical. What a treat that we did not expect. Businesses and events are generally thankful if you are bringing a group of people and will often show that in kind ways.

So, next time you are planning a party, just look around in the newspaper, on your street and at the businesses and universities close by to help those creative juices flow when planning the main event for your next birthday party.

Pirate Party Rules

Pirate Rules
My son felt like there should be rules for the Pirate Party hunt.  They were in preschool and accustomed to walking the city streets and every time they went out, they had rules. So, after our show and before the scavenger hunt we revealed the Pirates Code of Rules for the party.  So, here are Pirate Harris’ Birthday Rules!

I.  No hitting each other.  (remember, these were made up by a 5 year old)

II.  No doing bad stuff.

III.  No saying bad words.

IV.  No arguing.

V.  Say “Arrrrr” whenever you want to.  Arrrr means Please & Thank you.


That was it!  There were many other things I thought of like, stay on the sidewalk and don’t wander away but those were shot down.  At some point, you do have to realize that the party is not for you but for your kids so you have do what they want… least some of the time.

I just wrote the rules on some tissue paper.  Would have been cool if it had been an old looking parchment or something but I didn’t have anything like that that this idea was somewhat last minute…They best rule that he came up with was to HAVE FUN!

Pirate Party Treasure Hunt

Downtown Pirate Scavenger Hunt

Many birthday parties could have a scavenger or a treasure hunt.  But the activity just lends it’self to pirates and looting.

At my son’s birthday party, we needed a way to get from point A to point B in downtown Portland.  You could plan this activity no matter if you are in your own backyard, in the city or even on your block with a couple of houses/neighbors involved.

To prepare for the walk….aka….treasure hunt, I took my kids and we walked it together one afternoon.  I plotted out where we might hide the treasure bags that you can see in a different post.  I plotted out the number of blocks and how far it was.  But MOST importantly for me, I wanted to make sure my kids could walk it while being safe and without getting tired.  
Treasure Hunt Map

The birthday party started at a children’s theater show and ended at a Ben & Jerry’s in downtown Portland. The hunt was a GREAT way to get the kids from one place to another. They were excited to look for treasure and they NEVER whined about it being too far to walk.

If you tried to do this in your backyard, it might be a very quick activity….unless you could actually bury buckets of loot. Which could be super fun. But I can see how a neighborhood/block one would work nicely hiding in and around houses, trash cans, work sheds or other out buildings.

I wanted the map to look more old fashioned. So, I didn’t draw it on my computer to print out. Rather I hand drew it and didn’t even use a ruler. Then I made copies on old paper for the kids to each have.

Since we were having our Pirate’s treasure hunt in a major city, we didn’t trust that folks would leave the loot bags alone. To keep everything safe, my husband went ahead of us a few blocks and would deposit the loot bags at the designated points. Because the kids were 5 it worked. If they were 9 or 10, he would have had to be more inconspicuous.

In the end it was a perfect pirate party activity and the kids loved it.

Pirate Party Loot

Pirate Party Treasure

This is a photo of part of the loot that was in the scavenger hunt that we had for my son’s party.  The first thing the kids got was a bandanna that I  made from black polka dotted fabric.  Depending on the age of the kids, you may want to make yours bigger.  I made mine 22″ square.  And honestly, I went the quick route.  I didn’t hem them or anything.  Just cut the size and ripped the fabric.  The little pirates looked so cut walking down the street all wearing their pirate bandanas.  And years later, this is the one thing that my kids still play with.

Birthday Party Pirate

In addition to the bandana,  the kids searched for coins, tatoos, hats, jewels and other items. The long black thing in the photo above was an inexpensive telescope that I found. At the beginning of the hunt, we gave them all pirate backpacks that we ordered from Oriental Trading. You can see it in the background of the above photo.

The below photo was a take away bag that my kids received from another pirate party that they went to. I don’t know what it is about little, please excuse me, crap……they just love it. And the more the better. I try hard in this blog to give you favor ideas that are things your guests will just to home and throw away. But sometimes you just have to relent.

Pirate Loot Grab Bags

Pirate Loot Grab Bags

At party stores or even Oriental Trading you can get all kinds of inexpensive loot items. The jewels we got at the craft store and they were “crystals” or just rhinestones if you are an adult. You could even put rocks in there and call them pirate moon rocks. Kids imaginations are just wonderful.

Pirate Bandanas were made from fabric that you can find at any fabric or quilting store.
The “Crystals” were found at a local craft store. Most of the time are sold in little bags. These weren’t cheap so we didn’t have many of those.
Then for the backpacks, hats and such: