Partly Preprinted Thank You Notes

Partly Pre Printed Thank You Note

Partly Pre Printed Thank You Note

These preprinted thank you notes were just perfect for this Kindergartener! Or any child who can write a little but writing out all the thank you notes would be just too awful….for you and your child. Ha! This just allows your child to feel like they are a part without being too overwhelming.

This card has the child’s name and a cute little image on the front and then this message reads as follows:


Thank you so much for the
That is just what I wished for.

I’d love to give the printer credit for the card but they didn’t put their information on the back!!! And knowing this family as I do, I know that they didn’t print them out themselves. I would imagine any of the small custom card printers out there would be more than willing to print the inside of the card like this for you!

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