Pig Birthday Party Hat

Pig Birthday Party Hat

Pig Birthday Party Hat

I didn’t make these pig hats for each of the kids. One the birthday boy got a pig hat. Since he was 1 the other kids (especially the older ones) enjoyed it more than he did.

The hat itself was made from some nice and stiff scrap booking paper. Unfortunately, you can only get one hat out of each page. Then the pig ornaments were a kit I got at Michaels. I believe it was a Martha Stewart kit for something else and I’m sure it’s not available any longer. But it would be easy enough to make on your own.

Directions: Start by using felt for the end of the nose and ears. The tail is simply a pipe cleaner. The side of the nose is simply some additional scrap booking paper. Eyes and nostrils would be fine cut out of brown construction paper with a simple hole punch. To keep the pig hat on, I added some super thin elastic. It’s important to customize the length of this to the size of your child. If you want to make the nose 3D, you could cut a form to be covered by pink paper or tissue out of something light like styrofoam.

Have fun with your pig party hats. If you have time, it would be certainly fun to make them for all the kids but doing this for the birthday child and then the noses you’ll see in another post, was super cute.

Resources: Template for Pig Face, Felt, Scrap Booking paper and Pipe Cleaners can all be found at craft stores like Michaels.

Photo taken by Amy Hall Photography, Portland, OR.

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  • Christine

    Thank you so much for the idea. I’m going to be making these for all the kids at my daughter’s 3rd birthday party.

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