Pig Birthday Party Nose Favors

Pig Birthday Party Nose Favors

Pig Birthday Party Nose Favors

What better party to have birthday noses (other than hats) than for a pig birthday party? The kids were all 4 years of age and below at this party and they loved wearing the noses and laughing at each other. And the moms totally enjoyed laughing at the kids as well.

These were a last minute thing as I didn’t decide to even have a real party until a week or so before the party date. Planning a party at the last minute doesn’t allow time to be too thoughtful in party favors so the noses were perfect. There weren’t enough parts to have hats for each child as there were 15 kids invited. Since I would have had to make noses for each of the pig hats, I decided to stop with the noses.

Pig Nose Favor

Pig Nose Favor

Each pig nose was pretty easy to make. You cut a semicircle for the front of the nose out of pink scrap booking paper. The side is a rectangle piece of paper long enough to wrap around the semicircle plus a little and wide enough for the nose plus a part to glue to the back of the semicircle. Fold over about 1/3″ longways on the rectangle. Then slit the folded part every 1/5″ or so to allow you to shape it in the semicircle of the top of the nose and glue. It’s easier to glue half of it first and hold in place with clothes pins and then go back to do the second half. We’ve also put up a template for you. See link below in Resources.

After the noses are dry, cut 2 brown oval pieces for the nostrils and glue to the top. Take the smallest hole punch you have and cut holes on either side of the nose to tie the elastic around it. Test the length with your child’s head and use a very thin elastic to fasten.

These birthday party pig nose favors will take a little time to make but are mindless and can be made while talking with your hubby in the evening so he doesn’t think you are a recluse!

Resources: Make your own with our Pig Nose Template. Scrapbooking paper found at any craft store selling scrap booking supplies like Michaels.

View our video on How To Create Your Own Pig Noses.

Top Photo taken by Amy Hall Photography, Portland, OR.

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