Pirate Birthday Party Feast Table

Pirate Feast Table

Pirate Feast Table

Setting the stage for a party can easily be done at the feast table. And when you are talking about a Pirate Birthday Party, a Feast Table is just what it is. It doesn’t take much to create an inviting place. Use a few things from home or even find objects at the local thrift store.

This pirate’s table has some simple square red and white check table cloths draped along the length of it. Then in the center, you can see some lanterns that might have been hung on the back of a pirate ship. You could pull some tarnished pieces out of the cabinet to put along the center of the table. But if you don’t want to risk something happening to your own items, you can certainly head on down to the local thrift store to find some nifty booty. They always have silver and brass items that folks aren’t interested in purchasing that would be perfect for the center of a pirate’s table.

Spread some coins either real or chocolate wrapped and some booty and your centerpieces are set for your Pirate’s Birthday Party Feast Table!

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