Plain Birthday Party Hat Template

Party Hat Template

Party Hat Template

Do you want to make your own Birthday Party Hat for the birthday boy or girl? Or do you plan to make party hats for each of the party goers? This simple hat template is easy to cut out and put together and with additional embellishments can look great. Or make the hats out of a fancy paper and then you wouldn’t have to do anything else but put them together.


  • Use Template to cut out hat.
  • Cut slits on each side edge of hat where indicated on template to fold it together.
  • Cut slits on either side at bottom and where indicated to attach elastic cord.
  • Tie on or wrap elastic around and cut to length needed for going under a child’s chin.

Note: If I am making many hats, I tend to cut corners like taping the hats together and cutting a little hole to tie the chin strap on. If I’m only making one for the birthday girl/boy, I will tend to make it right.

Resources: Template for the Hat, Plain hats can be made out of one sheet of heavy scrap booking paper found at many craft and scrap booking supply stores. Or use a heavy duty scrap booking paper with a fancy design for a simple hat.

To See Template:
Click below link through 2 screens.

Birthday Party Hat Template

Photo taken by Amy Hall Photography, Portland, OR.

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