Spa Gift Bag Ideas

Presenting the Gift Bags

Gift Bag Presentation

No matter the type of party, kids love to see gift bags all lined up in a row. It’s the unknown. The anticipation! When you are inviting a number of kids to a birthday party, giving a gift bag full of treats may be the only way to go. When you are thinking of a Spa themed birthday party, having a gift bag full of treats is simple and rewarding!

Spa Gift Bag Contents

Spa Gift Bag Contents

Girls always love having their “own” grooming kits. They don’t like to always use their moms stuff but loving having things on their own. Cosmetic companies are in on it. They know that young girls are looking in the stores and have started making items with lots of glitz to attract those young buyers. Here in this gift bag, my daughter was greeted with fingernail emery boards, polish and polish remover, lip gloss and a facial mask!

Bag Decoration

Bag Decoration

Don’t forget the details! I love it when a hostess goes over and beyond. Don’t just buy a gift bag and throw things in it! Make it creative. Here the hostess printed off these adorable stickers to place on the bags and punched holes and tied ribbon on the top. ¬†What girls young or old wouldn’t love to have a surprise bag like this?

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