Spa Party Ideas

SpaWhen considering my daughter’s spa themed birthday party, all kinds of ideas ran through my head. She was new to middle school and was turning “12” and I wanted to do something special for this pivotal time. She had gone to a small elementary school and I knew all the girls she was friends with and their parents and all their siblings. So when time came to attend middle school and I didn’t know anyone, I was put a little off balance. In my desire to get to know her new friends, I thought this would be a great time to spend with them in the car to get to know them.

Birthday Facial

Birthday Facial

For my daughter’s spa party, we decided to take a road trip! Who doesn’t love a road trip with girlfriends? We live in Knoxville, TN and decided to take a small group to Hot Springs, NC to have a hot springs bath. Sounds great right? It actually was. In addition to everyone having a phone and being attached to it, I thought I’d throw in a few things that they could do during the ride.

I bought some tween magazines for them to read…..making sure there were enough to go around. And then so that they could get to know each other better, I put together a 1 page questionaire.  Thinks like sibling information, favorite boy band and such.  Your daughter can help with some of the fun questions.

After the hot springs bath, we headed back home and the girls all had facials and to top it off the salon offered to give each of the girls an age appropriate lesson on applying makeup.  It was a girls day through and through and the kind of birthday I would love……even at my age…..and we’ll keep that number to myself!

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