Spa Party Invitation Wording

Spa Party Invitation

Invitation Wording

When you are trying to crunch through the details for a birthday party, sometimes it’s tough to get just the right wording. For me it can come in the shower. Sometimes the words come when I’m pushed. And then other times, if I’ve got too much on my mind (like work) the creative words don’t come at all. That’s why I like to share whenever I see invitation wording that’d creative and fun.

For my daughter’s spa birthday party, we took all the girls out of town to a special hot springs. I had already cleared with all the moms the date and that we’d be going out of town so they already knew that it was coming up. We still wanted the invitation to have all the details.

It read:
It’s 2015 as we celebrate Anne’s 12th Birthday.
You will be pampered like you are on holiday!

A drive to Hot Springs to enjoy a Mineral Bath.
Then back to Knoxville along the same path.

A Quick stop downtown for a cleansing facial.
You will return looking & feeling glacial!

Saturday, Nov 14 9:00AM Drop off
Leaving from the Eddins’ Home
We will return the girls to your home around 3:30.
Bring a swimsuit and change of clothes. No need to look fancy!

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