Spa Party Printed Invitation

Spa Party Invitation

Girls love a party and what more do they love besides a party than getting their nails done!!! This party was a line of girls all set up in this spa all getting their toes done at the same time. What fun!

They were all prepared for the event when this invitation came in the mail.

Manis, pedis, cake and more….
What else could a girl ask for??

Nothing else was needed to be said except for the details of the day and who to reply to.

There are so many cute cute invitations out there. Sometimes you can’t find them in your hometown. Online has become a great way to find these out of the box invitations. Don’t wait til the last minute though. If you want someone else to print them, it may take a little time. Depending on what type of party you are having, you’ll want to give two weeks notice to mom’s to plan around a party.

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