Pirate Party Invitation Details

It’s all in the details. For this Pirate Party, I made pop up ships that you can see in another post. But I didn’t want to stop there. Because I wasn’t getting pre-made cards, I didn’t have envelopes. There are tons of folks on the web who sell envelops the size, shape and color […]

Real Pirates to Visit Birthday Party

Honestly, there are not many people children or adults that don’t like to see someone dressed up! I often wonder what it is. Do children and adults like to have one bit of fantasy in this reality world? Do we feel like we too could be a character with them. I don’t know. But no […]

Pirate Party Rules

My son felt like there should be rules for the Pirate Party hunt. They were in preschool and accustomed to walking the city streets and every time they went out, they had rules. So, after our show and before the scavenger hunt we revealed the Pirates Code of Rules for the party. So, here […]

Pirate Birthday Party Thank You Notes

These thank you notes to my son’s 5th Pirate Themed Birthday Party were as simple as a photo graph. The photo was taken during the party. I simply went through all the group photos and picked the one I like. This one was during the treasure hunt through downtown Portland, OR.

After selecting the photo […]

Pirate Party Birthday Cake

This pirate party birthday cake decorated with a skull & crossbones was just the best. The best part about it is that I didn’t have to make it! Don’t get me wrong……I LOVE to make the party cakes. Mostly because my kids know that I’ve made them and that makes the party special. BUT […]

Pirate Party Printed Invitation & Wording

Pirate Party Printed Invitation & Wording

Getting the wording just right for your child’s birthday party invitation can be daunting. It certainly makes the invitation more personal if you can come up with at least one line of creative writing. No need to make it up yourself! Use ours. I doubt any of […]

Pirate Birthday Party Captain

Pirate Party Captain

Let me hear you say “Arh.” These were common words to hear coming out of this captain’s mouth. At birthday parties, moms and dads are often busying around with the party and all the details that go with it and aren’t enjoying the party itself. Whether it’s a pirate party or another […]