Spa Party Printed Invitation

Girls love a party and what more do they love besides a party than getting their nails done!!! This party was a line of girls all set up in this spa all getting their toes done at the same time. What fun!

They were all prepared for the event when this invitation came […]

Spa Party Ideas

When considering my daughter’s spa themed birthday party, all kinds of ideas ran through my head. She was new to middle school and was turning “12” and I wanted to do something special for this pivotal time. She had gone to a small elementary school and I knew all the girls she was friends with […]

Spa Gift Bag Ideas

Gift Bag Presentation

No matter the type of party, kids love to see gift bags all lined up in a row. It’s the unknown. The anticipation! When you are inviting a number of kids to a birthday party, giving a gift bag full of treats may be the only way to go. When you […]