Teddy Bear Birthday Party Invitation & Wording

Bear Pop Up Birthday Party Invitation

Bear Pop Up Birthday Party Invitation

Anywhere from a first birthday for as long as kids love stuffed animals, you can have a teddy bear themed birthday party. My daughter recently attended a birthday party at Build a Bear and she is in the 1st grade. We were even at the mall this weekend and there was a girl walking out with a Build a Bear box and she had to have been in like 5th or 6th grade. So, it’s just up to your child and their interests as to what age you can have a party like this.

Bear Pop Up Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Teddy Bear Pop Up Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Anyway, let’s talk invitations!!! This is another really cute popup I found that can be generic or for the Build A Bear Birthday Parties! So simple to make in comparison to some of the other popups. You could do a bunch in no time. This is even one that your daughter or son could help you cut out. Below is a link to the website where you can find the templates for the pop up cards.

Suggested wording as follows (just print it out on your computer before attaching the bear):

(On the left hand side)
He’s squishy and loyal
We love him so!
Who? Jonathan?
No, His Build a Bear!
Join us to celebrate Jonathan’s Birthday.

(On right side)
Meet us at Build A Bear

Resources: Paper – Scrapbooking weight paper found in any scrapbooking store. Templates found on

Have fun with these! I’m loving the pop up birthday card invitations!

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