Thank You Note fit for a Kindergartener

Typed Thank You Note w/ Photo

Typed Thank You Note w/ Photo

It’s so hard to decide to hand over the thank you note writing to your child! I personally like to send a flowery note with a meaningful thank you. No one ever does this anymore and people really appreciate them! I can’t tell you how many verbal thank yous I get for written thank you notes that I send.

But put this aside. We are now talking about your child. We went to a party for a kindergartener and I felt that this note was the perfect one. There was enough involvement from the child that they understood the process yet it didn’t cause the mom to pull her hair out in the process of getting them written.

The card was one that can be bought or made by anyone. Then the on the inside there was a color photo on one side of the card. On the other was a typed thank you note that the mom totally did. But there were spots left free for the names. Perfect. You could tell that even the birthday girl cut out and pasted everything inside the card. And you know… much of a perfectionist as I am…..I’m O.K. with this. A personal touch doesn’t have to be a perfect one. And having the message glued on crooked is totally a personal touch.

Be creative in how you involve your child. The important thing is that at some age around kindergarten or first grade, they should become involved in thanking folks for their gifts.

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